Collective Bargaining Agreement


Section 8 -- Minimum Pay And Credit


  1. Minimum Duty Rigs

    A Flight Attendant who departs on a flight shall be guaranteed minimum pay and credit as follows:

    1. A minimum of one (1) hour's flight time pay and credit for each two (2) hours of duty time, prorated.
    2. A minimum of five (5) hours flight time pay and credit for a one duty period ID.
    3. A minimum average pay and credit of five (5) hours per day for IDs with multiple duty periods (e.g. 5/10/15/20).
  2. Trip Rig-Time Away From Home
    When a Flight Attendant is scheduled to report for duty or actually reports for duty, whichever is later, she/he shall receive a minimum of one (1) hour's pay and flight time credit for each three and one-half (3 1/2) hours elapsed time, prorated, until return to the blocks at her/his domicile and release from duty.

  3. Application of Scheduled or Actual Time

    Actual time from block-to-block or the scheduled time from block-to-block, whichever is greater, recorded cumulatively on a stop-to-stop basis shall be credited for pay purposes and shall be credited toward maximum monthly or quarterly flight time limitations.

  4. Displacement Pay

    A Flight Attendant removed from a schedule ID for publicity or promotional assignment or because of displacement by supervisory personnel shall receive flight time pay and credit for the scheduled flight time of the ID from which removed.

  5. Special Assignment Pay

    Flight Attendants removed from flight schedules for special assignments in accordance with Section 4, Paragraph Q, Section 9, Paragraphs F.8 and 9, shall be paid for the original scheduled flight hours missed or the actual hours, whichever is greater.

  6. Call-Out Pay

    A Flight Attendant at her/his home domicile who is called to the airport to fly and does not fly, shall receive a minimum credit for two (2) hours for flight time limitation and pay purposes. This sub-paragraph does not apply to training flights, or to a Flight Attendant completing her/his interrupted ID, or to a Flight Attendant who flies an ID scheduled within two (2) hours of the time called for such flying, or to a Flight Attendant covered under Paragraph J of this Section.

  7. Drafting Pay
    A Flight Attendant assigned a line of flying and who is drafted either at her/his home domicile or at any away-from-domicile point to fly an ID(s) and is not in position to fly the next scheduled ID(s) shown in her/his schedule, shall receive pay and flight time credit on the basis of the scheduled time shown in her/his schedule or what was actually flown, whichever is greater, for the period during which drafted. In addition to all other applicable pay protection provisions, a drafted Flight Attendant shall receive two hours and thirty minutes (2:30) of pay including premium and language if applicable for pay purposes only. A Flight Attendant may not be drafted if her/his calendar days off cannot be restored to the monthly minimum specified in Section 7, Paragraphs F and G.

  8. Holding Time
    Flight Attendants shall receive one-half (1/2) credit for pay purposes, including premium pay and language pay when applicable, on an actual minute basis for all holding time, in excess of ten (10) minutes beyond scheduled ground time or block arrival time.

  9. Errors
    If an error(s) in a line of flying or in the assignment of an open ID causes a lineholder to lose flight time credit and she/he cannot be reassigned to an ID(s) which departs on the same day as the original ID and arrives within six (6) hours of the arrival time of the original ID, such lineholder shall be fully paid and credited for the flight time credit loss. A lineholder so reassigned shall be paid what she/he actually flew or the flight time credit lost, whichever is greater. Priority will be given to reassigning Flight Attendants to IDs in the same operation.

  10. Line Guarantee
    1. In the event a Lineholder involuntarily loses all or any part of her/his ID(s) in her/his original or adjusted line of flying during the month (except for time lost due to end-of-month schedule conflicts - see Paragraph 4 below), she/he may be reassigned to another ID(s) and shall receive pay and flight time credit on the basis of the total scheduled time shown in her/his line of flying or what was actually flown in the reassignment, whichever is greater. Such reassignments may be to any open ID(s) for which she/he is legal provided that the assignment does not interfere with the next scheduled ID, and further provided that the ID(s) to which such Flight Attendant is reassigned is scheduled to return the Flight Attendant to her/his home domicile no more than twenty-two (22) hours later than the original scheduled ID. Priority will be given to reassigning Flight Attendants to IDs in the same operation and same number of days.
      1. After a Flight Attendant is aware of the reassigned ID, she/he will have the option to decline the reassignment if the number of Reserves available is equal to or greater than the projected number of Flight Attendants needed for the specific time period of the reassignment.
      2. If the Flight Attendant declines the reassignment, her/his projection and line guarantee will be reduced by the value of the original assignment.
    2. A Flight Attendant shall be required to contact the crew desk only once a day, at a pre-designated time, for reassignment under this paragraph.
    3. The reassignment rights above do not apply to charters (see Section 9.A.4.c and d.).
    4. In the event an end-of-the-month conflict causes a Flight Attendant to lose pay and flight time credit, such Flight Attendant shall be guaranteed a minimum of seventy-one (71) hours.
  11. One For Three After Four

    A lineholder who departs her/his home domicile on an ID shall receive credit for pay purposes, if delayed in excess of four (4) hours beyond the scheduled ground time of her/his original ID and any subsequent assignment (including deadheading) at the rate of one (1) hour for each three (3) hours prorated. This application will apply separately at each station. In the event an en route ground delay is paid under the provisions of Paragraph H of this Section, such time shall not be accumulated under the provisions of this Paragraph.

  12. Month End Overlap
    In the event of a month-end overlap ID where the Flight Attendant is eligible for pay protection, sufficient pay and flight time credit of either the ID flown or the scheduled ID dropped will be moved from the new month to the old month to protect the scheduled flight time which was necessary to be dropped in the old month and to assure the greater pay and time credit on a full ID comparison basis.

  13. Pyramiding Clause
    In the application of this Section and Sections 5 and 7, all pay and flight time guarantees provided in any given period of time will be used to offset, to the extent possible, each of the individual pay factors earned or credited within that period.

  14. Duty and Trip Rig Credits
    1. Any credit time accrued as a result of the duty period guarantees shall be applied as an extension to the last segment of the duty period in which the credit was accumulated.
    2. Any credit time accrued as a result of the application of the time away from home guarantee shall be considered an extension to the last segment of the ID

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