Collective Bargaining Agreement


Section 19 - Sick Leave


  1. Sick Leave
    1. Flight Attendants shall be credited for sick leave purposes with four (4) hours of sick leave credit for each month during their employment. When a Flight Attendant is paid at least two hundred and thirtyfour (234) hours (3 times the Reserve Guarantee) for a calendar quarter excluding sick leave, she/he shall accrue an additional one hour and one half (1:30) credit for that calendar quarter in her/his sick leave bank. A Flight Attendant shall be allowed to accrue up to a maximum of one thousand (1,000) hours. Designated quarters are the bid months of January through March, April through June, July through September, and October through December.
    2. a. When a lineholder is on sick leave, she/he shall be credited sick leave from her/his bank only up to the number of scheduled flight time hours missed.

      b. Sick leave taken which involves a month-end overlap ID will be credited as though the lineholder had flown the ID. Any resultant legality conflict which would have involved the first ID in the new month will be resolved as though the overlap ID had been flown and no sick leave will be credited for any ID dropped as a result of this procedure.
    3. When a Reserve is on sick leave, her/his sick leave credit shall be charged four hours and twenty minutes (4:20) one-eighteenth (1/18th) of her/his monthly flight time guarantee in a thirty (30) day month, four hours and seven minutes (4:07) one-nineteenth (1/19th) for a thirtyone (31) day month for each day scheduled to be available for duty.
    4. A Flight Attendant may be credited with a combination of flight time credit and sick leave credit up to her/his scheduled flight time for the month.
    5. When a Flight Attendant is on sick leave an entire month, she/he shall have the option of receiving sick leave pay for her/his projection for that month, one hundred (100) hours, or the seventy-one (71) hour minimum to the extent she/he has sick leave accrued in her/his bank.
    6. The Company shall make available to each Flight Attendant an annual summary of her/his current sick leave balance. Further, the Flight Attendant, upon request, shall receive a current sick leave balance at any time during the year.
    7. If a Flight Attendant becomes ill or sustains an injury in the course of employment, and such illness or injury is covered by Workers' Compensation Benefits, the Flight Attendant may use accrued sick leave for the period of her/his illness/injury.
    8. Sick leave for Workers' Compensation injuries will be used to supplement Workers' Compensation lost time benefits up to 100% of pay for the period of lost time or the amount of sick leave hours in the bank, whichever is less and subject to the pay provisions in paragraphs 4 and 5 above. Vacation encompassed by an occupational illness or injury leave shall be paid in addition to Workers' Compensation lost time benefits. If the Flight Attendant so elects, she/he shall receive payment(s) through direct deposit, provided that, they are made to a financial institution in the U.S. that accepts electronic deposit in U.S. dollars. The Flight Attendant shall be responsible to provide account information to the appropriate parties to allow for electronic deposit.
    9. Flight Attendants on occupational illness or injury status may not engage in gainful employment for someone other than the Company without prior permission in writing from the Company. Such permission may not be withheld unless their performance of such employment would hinder the Flight Attendant's recovery from the occupational illness or injury.
    10. A Flight Attendant will remit to the Company any state disability benefits she/he receives while on sick leave. Such benefits will not be credited to the Flight Attendant's sick leave bank.
  2. General Provisions
    1. Sick leave pay shall be granted only in cases of actual sickness or injury.
    2. Dental and doctor appointments will not be considered a basis for sick leave unless it can be shown that the doctor in question does not maintain office hours outside the Flight Attendant's scheduled work time or on the Flight Attendant's days off.
    3. The Company may require a Flight Attendant to present a return to work release after such Flight Attendant has been on sick leave. Such release may be obtained from the Company designated medical facility of the Flight Attendant’s choice or, with Company permission, from the Flight Attendant's personal physician.
    4. A Flight Attendant may make up any sick leave used for illness or injury in accordance with the open flying provisions at any time in the two (2) subsequent schedule months.
    5. In the event a Flight Attendant goes on sick leave while away from her/his domicile and if unable to immediately return to her/his domicile, meal and lodging expenses shall continue to be paid by the Company for the first forty-eight (48) hours of such illness provided she/he has not been hospitalized. This forty-eight (48) hour period may be extended with the approval of the domicile manager.
    6. For personnel record keeping and pay purposes, a Flight Attendant shall not be considered on sick leave on the days she/he was not scheduled to be available for flight duty.
    7. All accrued sick leave will be canceled if employment ceases for any purpose and no payment for such accrual shall be made at any time.
    8. Flight Attendants are not required to disclose the nature of a personal illness or injury except to the United Medical Department.

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