Collective Bargaining Agreement


Section 6 -- Expenses, Transportation and Lodging


  1. Expenses
    1. A Flight Attendant when on duty or on flight assignment shall receive
      1. Domestic Per Diem
        $1.73 effective 02/28/12
        $1.95 effective 02/28/13
      2. International Per Diem
        $2.13 effective 02/28/12
        $2.50 effective 02/28/13
      per hour prorated from the time she/he is scheduled to report for duty or actually reports for duty, whichever is later and shall continue until termination of duty or flight assignment upon return to her/his home domicile. Meals will not be placed aboard aircraft in lieu of these allowances on any flight unless requested by the Union Local Schedule Committee for the entire crew for the entire month. When the Company boards meals at the request of the Local Schedule Committee, the payment provided in this sub-paragraph will be reduced by the cost of the meal to the Company.
    2. Meals appropriate to the time of day will be boarded for Flight Attendants at Company expense whenever they are scheduled for a period of duty of eight (8) hours or more without an intervening stop of at least two (2) hours. Whenever possible such meals will be boarded during the first six (6) hours of this period of duty.
    3. On charter flights, the Company shall provide a meal for each Flight Attendant if a meal service is provided to the passengers.
  2. Lodging
    1. The Company shall furnish comfortable and adequate single occupancy hotel rooms in a suitable location for Flight Attendants as selected in accordance with the provisions of Section 3.K. when:
      1. They are scheduled at a layover station in excess of four (4) hours.
      2. They are delayed at a layover station for four (4) hours or more from the time the delay is known; or after reporting for duty at the home domicile there is a delay for four (4) hours or more from the time the delay is known.
    2. Flight Attendants, when at other than regular layover stations and lodging is not provided by the Company, shall receive reasonable actual expenses incurred for lodging, substantiated by a receipt.
    3. Flight Attendants shall check in and out of hotels. At time of checking out, each Flight Attendant shall pay for any incidental expenses incurred, such as personal telephone calls, room service, etc.
    4. If a Flight Attendant arrives at a layover hotel and her/his room is not ready within thirty (30) minutes after arrival, she/he may obtain other accommodations and claim reasonable actual lodging expenses on a Company expense form supported by the hotel receipt.
    5. Unless otherwise requested by the Union, on layovers of twenty (20) hours or more, the Company will provide hotels in downtown or downtown-like locations in close proximity to restaurants and shops.
    6. A Flight Attendant, if possible, should notify the Company when she/he does not intend to utilize her/his hotel room.
    7. In the event it becomes necessary to change a layover facility after monthly key pages have been distributed, Flight Attendants shall be notified of said change as soon as possible.
    8. Each domicile shall make available a list of layover cities identifying the two (2) hotels that will be used whenever possible, for Flight Attendant layovers. Flight Attendants assigned to ID(s) which are not on the monthly key pages will be informed of the layover hotel and telephone number before departing on her/his ID. If this cannot be accomplished or in the event other layover accommodations are used, the Company will reimburse the Flight Attendant for up to a five (5) minute telephone call to inform someone of the hotel actually being used. Reimbursement will be made after submitting an expense report supported by a receipt to the home domicile office.
    9. The Company shall provide each scheduled layover hotel with a list of approved hotels, if any, which should be used in priority order in the event a Flight Attendant is denied a room at the scheduled layover hotel. The Company will make available a list of approved hotels in the domicile.
  3. Transportation
    1. At points other than their domicile where transportation is not made available by the Company, Flight Attendants shall be allowed reasonable actual expenses, incurred for suitable transportation, between the field and lodging place and return.
    2. a. A Flight Attendant will be allowed Ten Dollars ($10.00) for cab or limousine between airport or co-terminal and place of lodging at domicile points whenever departure time of her/his flight assignment is between 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. or when arrival time of the flight is between 8:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.

      b. Claims for such expenses shall be made on a regular expense form which shall be supported by a receipt for each flight, and the expense account shall indicate the flight number for each transportation expense.

      c. The above stated provisions will also apply to Flight Attendants required to leave their home domicile for purposes of attending any Company required training or meeting.

      d. The above stated provisions will also apply to a reserve required to report for standby or who is released from standby between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.
    3. A Flight Attendant shall be reimbursed for actual expenses for cab transportation to the airport when the Reserve Flight Attendant determines such transportation is necessary in order to respond to a call of less than four (4) hours before departure. Inflight Scheduling may authorize reimbursement on an actual basis for the return, if the Flight Attendant was unable to utilize her/his personal transportation in order to make the less than four (4) hour call out. In all other cases, a transportation allowance of Ten Dollars ($10.00) for transportation from the airport will be reimbursed. Claim for such expenses shall be made on a regular expense form which shall be supported by a receipt approved by Inflight Scheduling and the form shall indicate the flight number for any such transportation expenses.
    4. a. In the event a Flight Attendant's ID originates at one airport and terminates at another airport at her/his regular home domicile, the Company shall furnish such Flight Attendant with transportation one-way between one airport and the other, at her/his option. A Flight Attendant assigned to a schedule involving this type of operation shall advise the Company prior to the start of the schedule, the one direction she/he desires such transportation during the period she/he is assigned to that schedule. When such transportation is requested at origination, limousine departure times will be in accordance with crosstown travel times as provided in Section 7, Paragraph I.6.

      b. Upon termination, when such transportation is not provided by the Company within thirty (30) minutes and such transportation does not leave within forty-five (45) minutes after the Flight Attendant arrives at the airport and reports to Crew Scheduling, such Flight Attendant may use any other available means of ground transportation between one airport and the other and may claim expenses for such transportation, on the regular Company expense account form and such Flight Attendant shall be reimbursed for same.

      c. At layover points, if the public limousine service provided by the Company does not leave within forty-five (45) minutes after block arrival or thirty-five (35) minutes after block arrival where transportation is provided by the hotel, the Flight Attendant may use any other means of transportation to the place of lodging and may claim reimbursement for such transportation on the regular Company expense account form and the Flight Attendant shall be reimbursed therefor.
    5. When the Company provides for public limousine transportation, each Flight Attendant using such transportation shall, upon request, be provided with a separate limousine slip.
  4. Parking
    1. In the event parking facilities are not available for employees at the airport location, the Company will assume the monthly parking charges up to a maximum of Twenty-Five Dollars ($25.00) per month. This provision does not apply to original or replacement charges for employees for parking decals, stickers, gate keys or similar items. It is understood that a Flight Attendant may park her/his car at either her/his domicile or some other Company station location, if parking space is available, in which case the Company shall be obligated to assume only the expense of one location.
    2. If a Flight Attendant is scheduled to fly or deadhead from an airport serving her/his domicile and parking is not provided for her/his automobile, public facilities may be used and charges will be paid by the Company. Such charges shall be submitted within ten (10) days on the Company expense forms and will be supported by a receipt.
  5. Publicity and Promotional Assignments
    1. Flight Attendants assigned by the Company to promotional or publicity assignments or Company approved certification or experimental flights, in addition to the hourly compensation provided in Section 5, Paragraph G, or N., will be entitled to per hour expenses in accordance with Paragraph 6.A.1. or 12.F.1., and 3. as appropriate and to reasonable, necessary transportation expenses, when transportation is not furnished by the Company.
    2. In addition to the above, Flight Attendants when away from their home domicile will be entitled to reasonable, actual hotel expenses when not furnished by the Company and Twelve Dollars and Fifty Cents ($12.50) per day to cover all incidental expenses. If the assignment is more than seven (7) days, reasonable, actual laundry and cleaning expenses will be allowed. NRPS transportation to and from the assignment location will be provided.

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