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May 17, 2022 - AFA Article

Apple accused of union busting in new labor board filing

May 17, 2022 - AFA Article

No more union-busting, time for companies to give workers what they deserve

May 17, 2022 - AFA Article

American Wants to Reduce Time That Flight Attendants Have to Rest

May 17, 2022 - AFA Article

Alaska Airlines pilots begin strike vote amid contract negotiations

May 9, 2022 - AFA Article

Boarding Pay Introduced by Delta Management

April 29, 2022 - AFA Article

Bernie Sanders Wants Democrats to Make Unions Their Biggest Message

April 28, 2022 - AFA Article

United Airlines Aims To Add 50,000 Employees In 5 Years

April 27, 2022 - AFA Article

Facing union drive, Delta says it’ll pay flight attendants during boarding

April 26, 2022 - AFA Article

United Airlines’ Uninspiring ‘Next’ Plan Ignores Important Realities

April 17, 2022 - AFA Article

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