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Understanding our Contract is a fundamental requirement for ensuring we receive proper pay, legal rest, schedule requirements and flexibility, job protections, benefits, and many other important considerations. Understanding Unimatic is just as important. Today we published a new section on our website called Unimatic Support. Whether you are a pro at Unimatic or one of our beloved New Hires, we hope that this new section of our website will help you understand the basic Unimatic commands and ensure you have the schedule requirements and flexibility which you may be seeking.

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Immediately report any problems you may have with Unimatic through United's Help Line - (800) 255-5801

Technical Support

United Airlines Technical Support

AFA cannot provide any technical support should your access be hindered through United's new access plan. If you are experiencing difficulty with downloading the Crew Access "applet" or with getting the applet to connect to Unimatic, you should call the United Help Desk for assistance at (800) 255-5801, Unitel 700-5800 or extension 5800.

Unimatic 3rd Party Software Support

You must contact the vendor directly if you experience any connection trouble using their products.

Vendor contact information is below:

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