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pigs in ChicagoKey Employee Retention Program

During the bankruptcy, United management filed for three different Key Employee Retention Programs (KERP) which were billed as programs to keep certain management employees from leaving United during the bankruptcy.  AFA fought each of the filings in the bankruptcy court and succeeded in obtaining a limit to the bonus amounts, although the court ultimately approved each of the bonus programs.  Management received bonuses shortly after the approval of these programs and will receive the rest of these bonuses upon exit from bankruptcy.  In total over $35 million dollars has been and will be paid to select members of management – many of whom are responsible for bringing United into bankruptcy. 

shared rewards"Current executives’ promise of "shared reward" rings hollow as they have profited with increased pay, bonuses and stock while workers continue to experience the affects of sacrifice." -- Greg Davidowitch.

United Union Coalition Demands Shared Rewards

As a start, management must make immediate tangible improvements to:

  • compensation,
  • success sharing program,
  • quality of work-life issues, and
  • move-up Contract bargaining dates.

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