Unimatic Home Access – Java Update Concern

Date: January 16, 2013
Type: AFA Article

Recently the Department of Homeland Security issued a statement recommending that most computer users disable Java software installed on their computers.  A potential vulnerability was discovered in Java 7 Update 10.

The Java software is one of the components necessary for home Unimatic access. However if the Java (JRE) is disabled, you will be unable to connect to home Unimatic on your personal computer.

The software developer has released Java 7 Update 11 which fixes this flaw and is now available for update.  Although the developer has said the problem is fixed in this update, the Department of Homeland Security still recommends disabling Java for now.

The decision to disable or allow Java access is up to you, however if you decide to disable Java, you will not be able to access Unimatic from home.  Keep this in mind in planning how you will submit your bids for the February schedule by the close of bids at 0800, January 18.  If you elect to keep Java enabled, you should download the Java 7 Update 11 software as soon as possible to avoid any potential impact on your ability to submit bids.

Any questions you may have, including recommendations on whether or not to enable Java, should be directed to the United Unimatic Help Line  at (800) 255-5801.

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