United AFA All Call Virtual Townhall Recap

Date: August 24, 2023
Type: AFA Article


Yesterday, a significant event unfolded when the entire United Master Executive Council (MEC) convened the United AFA All Call virtual townhall, with the full support of our AFA International President Sara Nelson.

Many of you joined us, attentively listening as we asserted our demands to United's management. We openly discussed the pressing need to halt the ongoing decline in operations that affects all of us and shared our forthcoming actions.

This is a pivotal juncture. The opportunities before us are immense, but it's disheartening to witness an unparalleled level of disregard for our dedication and our Contract. Rest assured; your elected AFA representatives are not letting this go unnoticed. We're relentlessly challenging United's management and advocating for positive changes. It's crucial now, more than ever, for all of us to stand united and demonstrate our collective strength.

In a testament to our unity, we've seen a record number of participants at our recent union meetings. Your presence and engagement are invaluable.

Earlier in the day, our AFA leaders and dedicated volunteers were stationed at all of our Bases. They were there to ensure that our collective voice resonates and that you have the necessary resources at your disposal, like our new IRROPS Survival Guide. This guide, on unitedafa.org, is designed as a quick reference tool. It encompasses crucial information, scenarios, and insights on the reassignment process, rest guidelines, and more.

We're especially mindful of our newest members. If you're seasoned, please reach out and guide our newer flight attendants, ensuring they feel included and informed. It's vital they understand that they, even on probation, enjoy the same rights as all. Any misinformation or intimidation from management will not be tolerated. If you become aware of any violations, promptly report it to legal@afacwa.org.

Mark your calendars for August 31st. This day will symbolize our unity as we come together for a Day of Action and engage in informational picketing system wide. Your involvement in these events amplifies our voice and sends a clear message: Enough is Enough!

Our solidarity extends beyond just our group. It's pivotal to show our fellow workers across various industries that we stand with them. Whether it's with our flying partners at American Airlines, our AFA siblings at Alaska Airlines, with the Southwest Flight Attendants at TWU 556, or others, our combined strength speaks volumes. Let's ensure we are seen and heard.

Remember, together we saved this airline, a feat acknowledged by Congress. Every day, it's our dedication that keeps United flying high. The time has come for us to get the recognition and respect we deserve.

On August 31, before the Labor Day holiday, let's come together in large numbers to picket, whether your off duty or on a short break. We'll gather at our airports to make our demands public and get the attention our cause deserves. Your presence will undoubtedly send a powerful message to management and the general public.

Stay tuned; we have some surprises in store for that day.

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