Collective Bargaining Agreement


Section 29 -- Workers' Compensation Benefits


  1. Workers' Compensation Benefits shall be provided by the Company for all Flight Attendants as follows:
    1. For all Flight Attendants on the System Seniority list the Company's contract for hire with the Flight Attendant is made within the state of Illinois. The state of Illinois Workers' Compensation Act and Occupational Disease Act will have jurisdiction and process including, but not limited to, all injuries, disease, disfigurement or death arising out of the course of their employment.
    2. Notwithstanding the above paragraph, Flight Attendants shall retain the rights to pursue these benefits in any other state or country which also has jurisdiction.
    3. These provisions apply to Flight Attendants in both the domestic and international domiciles.
  2. The monetary benefits so paid shall be in addition to any monetary benefits paid pursuant to the provisions of Section 28, Missing, Internment, Prisoner of War Benefits, and will be paid to the beneficiaries prescribed by the applicable law as herein provided.

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