Collective Bargaining Agreement


Section 16 -- Uniforms


  1. Flight Attendants shall wear their uniform as prescribed in Company regulations at all times while on duty as a member of the crew and such other times as may be prescribed.
  2. Newly employed Flight Attendants shall be required to purchase their first basic uniform and accessories. Such purchase may be made either on a cash basis or an authorized payroll deduction basis not to exceed 5.0% of the total cost of said uniform and accessories per month. The Company will provide a non-wool uniform to newly employed Flight Attendants with wool allergies on the same cost basis as newly employed Flight Attendants using wool uniforms.
  3. Uniforms
    1. The female Flight Attendant uniform shall consist of the following items or their equivalent:
      1. Female Flight Attendant basic uniform:

        Two (2) hats or one (1) scarf
        One (1) winter coat or an all-season coat
        Five (5) blouses or equivalent
        Maternity skirt/jacket/jumper/dress/pants on request and as
      2. Female Flight Attendant accessories:

        Footwear and boots
        Garment bag
        Small suitcase
        Large suitcase
    2. The male Flight Attendant uniform shall consist of the following items or their equivalent:
      1. Male Flight Attendant basic uniform:

        Jacket and trousers
        One (1) winter coat or an all-season coat
        Five (5) shirts or equivalent
        Two (2) ties/tie tac
      2. Male Flight Attendant accessories:

        Footwear and boots
        Small suitcase
        Garment bag
        Large suitcase
    3. The Company shall provide the same selection of coats for both males and females. The Flight Attendant basic uniform winter coat shall provide at least the same level of protection as the 2009 Melton wool optional coat. If an optional coat is made available, it shall be made available within the yearly point allotment.
    4. The Company shall provide non-wool uniforms for Flight Attendants
      with wool allergies.
    5. Flight Attendants on a Leave of Absence, Voluntary Furlough or
      Involuntary Furlough will receive uniform points upon their return
      based on the following:
      1. All unused uniform points on the effective date of one of the
        above referenced statuses will be available to her/him upon
        her/his return;
      2. Any uniform points accrued prior to the effective date of any of
        the above referenced statuses for use in the following year will be
        available upon return;
      3. The combination of unused and accrued points will not exceed the
        yearly maximum points accrued by a Flight Attendant who is not
        on any of the above statuses;
      4. Consistent with current policy, points will not be accrued while on
        any of the above referenced statuses.
  4. Replacements
    1. The Company shall replace all basic uniform items and one of the following accessory items, when necessary due to normal wear at no cost to the Flight Attendant. The Flight Attendant may choose which of the following accessory items shall be the no cost item.

      Female Items:
      Garment Bag
      Small Suitcase
      Large Suitcase

      Male Items:
      Garment Bag
      Small Suitcase
      Large Suitcase
    2. The replacement of all other accessory items due to normal wear shall be the responsibility of each Flight Attendant. The replacement of all other accessories shall be paid for by the Flight Attendant on a cash basis or by credit card if the vendor accepts credit cards. Only if the vendor does not accept credit cards shall the use of payroll deduction be authorized by the Company and will be limited to purchases of Fifty Dollars ($50.00) or more.
    3. The Company shall determine when replacements of any uniform or accessory items are required.
    4. If a Flight Attendant's employment is terminated and a replacement item has less than one (1) season's wear or six (6) months if a year round uniform, the Flight Attendant will be required to purchase the Company's equity at sixty per cent (60%) of the original cost on a prorated basis for use.
  5. Style Change
    In the case of a major uniform style change, the Company shall replace all uniform items, the purse and the suitcase at no cost to the Flight Attendant. If a uniform style change does not include a style change in purse or suitcase, no replacement will be required except as defined in Paragraph 16.D.
  6. Insignia
    The Company shall furnish insignia (wings) required to be worn by the Flight Attendant and, shall replace said insignia when necessary due to normal wear. Flight Attendants may remove their name insignia when off the aircraft.
  7. Alternations

    The Company shall bear the cost of all alterations required to properly fit a Flight Attendant in a new uniform or resulting from a Company required style change in the uniform. Such alterations must be requested by the Flight Attendant within one (1) month of uniform use. Cost of alterations requested by the Company or resultant from defects in the material, shall be borne by the Company. Alteration costs or the purchase of a new uniform or parts thereof due to weight adjustment shall be borne by the Flight Attendant.

  8. Fittings
    When the style change requires a uniform fitting, the Company shall make every effort to assure that each Flight Attendant shall make no more than two visits to the approved tailor. If a Flight Attendant is required to make more than two visits to the approved tailor, such Flight Attendant shall receive per mile expenses at the rate established by Company policy, for mileage to and from the domicile and the approved tailor.
  9. Other Personnel Attire
    The Company agrees that any personnel other than Flight Attendants on the System Seniority List, with the exception of Company employees covered under Section 4.S, will be attired in something distinctly different than the Flight Attendant uniform except as provided below.

    Skirt Jacket Trouser Jacket
    Pants Jumper Top Coat Shirt
    Top Coat Dress All Season Coat Ties
    All Season Coat Hats Tie Tac Vest
    Maternity Skirt Scarf Footwear Sweater
    Maternity Pants Blouses Boots Wings/Insignia
    Footwear Maternity Jacket Small Suitcase Inflight Attire
    Boots Maternity Dress Gloves Name Bar
    Hosiery Wings/Insignia Garment Bag  
    Garment Bag Inflight Attire Hosiery  
    Small Suitcase Name Bar Large Suitcase  
    Large Suitcase Vests Belt  
    Purse Sweaters    
    Pants Belt Dress Belt    
  10. Optional Uniform Items
    If the Company makes optional uniform items available for purchase by Flight Attendants, the purchase shall be paid for on a cash basis, by credit card or with uniform points.
  11. Inflight Attire
    Should the Company require any special inflight attire, the Company shall provide such inflight attire at no cost to the Flight Attendant.

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