Collective Bargaining Agreement


Section 24 - Moving Expenses


  1. Qualifying for Expenses
    The moving expenses set forth in this Section shall be paid to Flight Attendants who are required by the Company to change geographical location as a result of the following:
    1. Involuntary transfers, which include any transfer due to the closing of a domicile, a transfer at Company request, and when a Flight Attendant is recalled to a domicile other than the one from which furloughed.
    2. All transfers awarded to a newly opened domicile for a period of six (6) months following the date the domicile is opened.
  2. Allowable Expenses
    Moving expenses for Paragraphs A.1. and 2. above shall be in accordance with this Section and Company Regulations, Series 15, including the following:
    1. Free contingent air transportation (may be substituted by any other form of transportation when air transportation is not available).
    2. Shipping of personal effects and household effects:

      A Flight Attendant shall be allowed moving expenses connected with the shipping of personal effects and household effects if accomplished within twelve (12) months of the effective date of the new assignment. Notwithstanding Section 22, Paragraph H.1., Flight Attendants transferred in accordance with Paragraphs A.1. and 2. above shall be allowed to use the three (3) days allowed for settling at any time during this twelve (12) month period, except that such time may be delayed by the Company for not more than seven (7) days according to the needs of the service.
    3. Mileage allowance for up to two (2) cars shall be provided in accordance with Company policy.
    4. Storage of household effects.
    5. En route expenses.
    6. House-hunting expenses.
    7. Temporary living expenses.
  3. Expense Claims

    All such expenses shall be claimed on forms as outlined in Company Regulations, Series 15, shall be supported by receipts, and must be submitted within thirty (30) days after incurring the expenses or within thirty (30) days after the Flight Attendant receives the billing from the moving concern.

  4. Informational Booklet

    Any Flight Attendant so affected shall be furnished a copy of the Company's "Transfer and Moving Expense Information" booklet for non-management employees transferring at Company request.

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