Collective Bargaining Agreement


Section 10 -- Reserve Scheduling Procedures

  1. Reserve Rotation
    1. A single reserve pool shall be established at each domicile location to provide reserve coverage according to each domicile's reserve quota in the following manner:
      1. With the exception of the top Twenty-Five per cent (25%) of each domicile, who are exempt from reserve rotation, every Flight Attendant will be designated either "A" or "B" for identification. Such letter designation does not necessarily place a Flight Attendant within the reserve rotation. All reserve quotas will be assigned from the junior most Flight Attendant upward.
      2. At each domicile, the most junior Flight Attendants will serve on reserve in accordance with their designated letter in the following month:
        "A" "B"
        January February
        March April
        May June
        July August
        September October
        November December
      3. Flight Attendants hired prior to October 1, 1977, shall be designated as "A" or "B" and will serve on reserve status in accordance with their seniority and group designation.
      4. Notwithstanding Paragraph A.1.a, b, and c, all Flight Attendants who began Flight Attendant training on or after October 1, 1977, will serve on continuous reserve status for five (5) years or until such time as their seniority allows them to be awarded a line of flying. After such five (5) year period, they shall be designated "A" or "B" and will serve on reserve status in accordance with their seniority and group designation.
      5. Any Flight Attendant who preferences reserve will be awarded the reserve line according to her/his seniority. If a lineholder on A/B rotation does preference a reserve assignment during her/his lineholder month, it will not affect her/his assignment to reserve the following month.
      6. A designated reserve shall not, by virtue of her/his seniority, force a designated lineholder into reserve status.
      7. During her/his probationary period, a Flight Attendant may be assigned to an ID(s) on four (4) occasions out of time accrued order for the purpose of accomplishing inflight observations and/or training.
    2. During the month prior to the bidding of vacations, the "A/B" letter designations will be revised at each domicile for the following year to be effective from February through January.
    3. A Flight Attendant who transfers will normally retain her/his designated letter unless a change is determined necessary under the provisions of the following Paragraph.
    4. During the year, should any domicile experience a significant imbalance in the relative seniority of the senior reserves in each group, the MEC President or designee and WHQSK Manager of Advance Scheduling Operations/designee, by mutual agreement shall take appropriate action to restore a proper balance.
    5. In any given month, the most senior designated reserves and the most junior lineholders of the same letter should preference both schedule and reserve positions.
    6. A Flight Attendant shall be allowed to trade her/his reserve rotation "A" designation for "B" or vice versa, provided the trade is with another Flight Attendant considered as coming within the reserve rotation. Once accomplished, however, the Flight Attendant may not trade back to her/his original letter designation for the balance of the bid year unless action is taken pursuant to Section A.4. above.
  2. Reserve Move-Up to Line of Flying
    1. A reserve who wishes to move into a line of flying left vacant due to resignation or transfer or which may be constructed from other open flying during the month may indicate such preference at the time of bidding by checking the appropriate box on her/his bid screen. Move-up lines will be constructed with either pure Domestic or pure International IDs.
    2. A Reserve will elect her/his preference of move-up lines by indicating Domestic, International, or Either on her/his bid screen. Reserves may specify up to two (2) of their scheduled days off as protected days to be included in their move-up line of flying.
    3. The reserve shall be allowed to remove her/his name from the move-up list within a specified period of time established at each domicile following the awarding of bids. In addition, subsequent to the bid award a reserve may notify Onboard Scheduling that they wish to be placed on the move-up list. In such instance, the reserve(s) will be placed on the bottom of the list.
    4. The Company shall make up and/or award such line(s) at each domicile. Reserves who have bid for the lines shall be contacted in seniority order as lines open up. If all the protected day(s) specified by the reserve cannot be accommodated, such reserve will be bypassed and remain on the move-up list in seniority order until such protected day(s) can be provided. A reserve who indicates no protected day(s) off, or whose protected day(s) has been satisfied, must accept such assignment. If more than one (1) line is available, the reserve may be offered a choice of lines. If the reserve has a vacation or will be on ANP status for seven (7) days or more in the remaining part of the month, she/he will not be moved into a line of flying.
    5. Partial Month Move-Up

    When there is an imbalance in open flying during a month, a reserve may be assigned a partial move-up line provided it is for ten (10) days or more. The reserve will revert to reserve status following completion of this partial line, provided there is insufficient open flying to complete a line up to her/his guarantee for the remainder of the month, or if this is the only means of providing her/his protected day(s) off. A move-up line will not be offered if such would result in a minus projection for planned reserve needs. In this event, the move-up line will be offered to the most senior Flight Attendant where this situation would not exist and whose protected day(s) off could be accommodated. Further, a reserve under this Paragraph may not pick up open flying during the initial move-up period. Move-ups under this Paragraph will not be offered to a reserve who will be on vacation or ANP during any portion of the initial move-up period, or for seven (7) or more days if the partial line can be extended to a full line.

  3. Reserve Assignment
    1. a. There shall be two classifications of reserves: Call-in Reserves and Ready Reserves. A minimum of sixty-five percent (65%) of a domicile’s reserves will be assigned to Call-In status. Reserves shall be able to bid for either Call-in Reserve or Ready Reserve, or both, for any of the days-off schedules offered. Awards shall be made in seniority order.

      b. If there are fewer than twenty (20) reserves for either the International flying or Domestic flying, the Company will assign Call-In and Ready status at a minimum of fifty percent (50%) ratio and will include in the bid pages the number and status of assignments to each reserve line of flying.

      c. On a domicile by domicile basis, the Company shall review the ratio of Call-In Reserves to Ready Reserves with the LEC President/designee on a monthly basis. The objective in determining the ratio of the number of Call-In Reserves to Ready Reserves is to avoid converting an excessive amount of Call-In Reserves to Ready status. The Company and the LEC President/designee may mutually agree to modify the percentages in paragraphs a. and b. above.
    2. At the beginning of each month, in order to establish the reserve availability lists, Flight Attendants in each list shall be placed in FIFO order, based on the scheduled arrival time of their last previous ID(s). In the case of the same scheduled arrival time, the Flight Attendants shall be placed on the availability list in inverse order of seniority, the most junior Flight Attendant at the top of the list.
    3. Reserves shall progress within the availability lists on a credited flight time accrual basis, the reserve with the lesser time accrued being assigned first. During the month, if time accrued is equal for two (2) or more reserves on the same availability list, they shall be placed in FIFO order based on their last previous assignment.
    4. After open flying requests have been processed and awarded to lineholders, the Call-In Reserves expected to be available the following day shall be classified as having 1-day, 2-day, 3-day, 4-day or more day availability in accordance with their number of "on schedule" days remaining before their next scheduled days off. They shall be placed in their respective classifications in time accrued order.
    5. Open positions with check-in times in the 24-hour period beginning at 0500 the following morning shall be assigned to Call-In Reserves according to their 1-, 2-, 3-, 4- or more day classifications in time accrued order and qualification.
    6. Call-in Reserves who are not assigned may be either released from contact for the following day or assigned to the Ready Reserve list for the following day where they shall be placed in appropriate time accrued order. Call-in Reserves shall only be converted to Ready Reserve when the number of Ready Reserves available is equal to or less than the projected number of Flight Attendants needed for the following day. If released, Flight Attendants shall be so advised by the communications system referred to in Paragraph 7 below. If only a portion of the Call-In Reserves can be released, they shall be those at the bottom of the respective time accrued list.
    7. a. Assignments for the Call-In Reserves shall be made available by an automated communication system, accessible by telephone, no later than 1900 hours. All Call-In Reserves scheduled to be available the following day (except those currently working an ID) must ascertain their assignment by utilizing the automated means provided by the Company between 1900 and 2400. (Sufficient automated communication means shall be used to prevent excessive waiting time for Call-In Reserves calling in to obtain their assignments.) Assignment information on the automated communication system shall first identify the Flight Attendant by file number followed by the appropriate assignment which shall include the ID number (and if not a scheduled ID, layover location, hotel and hotel telephone number and arrival time at home domicile). These assignments will be to one of the following:
        (1) A specific ID. (The Flight Attendant is then free from contact.)
        (2) The Ready Reserve List. (The Flight Attendant must then remain available for contact.)
        (3) Release. (The Flight Attendant is then free from contact until she/he has to call in the evening prior to her/his next available day.)

      b. If a Call-In Reserve is unable to access her/his assignment via the automated communication system, or the system malfunctions, the affected Call-In Reserve must call the crew desk for their assignment.

      c. Call-In Reserves who are working an ID at the time the assignments referred to in this Paragraph are being made, will have their time accrued position based on their projected time accrued after completing the ID. If she/he returns after 2400, the Call-In Reserve should contact the crew scheduler upon arrival.

      d. A Call-In Reserve who is returning from sick leave status shall be treated as follows:
        (1) If she/he calls off sick leave prior to 1900, she/he will be given an assignment on the 1900 tape;
        (2) If she/he calls off sick leave between 1900 and 2400, an assignment will be given to her/him at the time of the call;
        (3) A Flight Attendant calling off sick leave after 2400, shall be considered on sick leave for the calendar day.
    8. Ready Reserves shall be subject to call at any time except as noted in Paragraph 13 below. They shall also be classified as having 1-, 2-, 3-, 4- or more day availability in accordance with their number of "on schedule" days remaining before their next scheduled days off. Ready Reserves shall then be assigned open positions according to their 1-, 2-, 3-, 4- or more day classification in time accrued order and qualification. These assignments shall be made as soon as practical and shall include layover hotel and telephone number if assigned to an ID not published in the monthly key pages. Every attempt shall be made to assign a Ready Reserve at least four (4) hours prior to departure time.
      1. A Ready Reserve may be released from contact for a period of time with the approval of the crew scheduler.
      2. A Ready Reserve may provide one alternate contact at a time.
      3. A Ready Reserve calling off sick leave on or prior to 0900 shall be considered on call for that calendar day. A Ready Reserve calling off sick leave after 0900 shall be considered on sick leave for that day.
    9. Standby Reserve assignments may be made in accordance with Section 10.G. herein to either Call-In Reserves or Ready Reserves depending on when the assignment is made. Standby Reserve pay and credit will be given if specifically assigned as Standby Reserves or reassigned to Standby Reserve after arrival at the airport. Standby Reserves should be assigned to the first available open ID for which they are qualified not previously assigned when they are no longer needed as Standbys. Flight Attendants required to report to the airport and not assigned an ID shall be released from duty to begin her/his legal rest.

      Reserves shall be placed on their respective list in time accrued order if they report for a flying assignment or for a standby assignment but do not fly or if they are returning from training, publicity or promotional assignments, special assignments, vacation, Union business, or day at a time vacation.
    10. Availability Following Days Off
      A reserve must be available for call at 0001 and shall be required to report for duty at 0500 or later, local domicile time, on the day following days-off, vacation, ANP time, Union business, DIF, or day at a time vacation.
    11. Availability On The Last Day Of The Month
      A Flight Attendant who is going on reserve shall be available at 2000 for assignment to IDs departing after midnight. A Flight Attendant going off reserve may be assigned to IDs departing before midnight.
    12. If a reserve Flight Attendant is deadheaded on a flight which is being worked by another reserve Flight Attendant from the same domicile, the deadheading Flight Attendant shall be scheduled out ahead of the Flight Attendant who worked the flight, provided they are on the same availability list.
    13. The above specified reserve assignment procedures may be altered:
      1. To prevent drafting.
      2. To protect a reserve Flight Attendant's first scheduled ID.
      3. At Christmas for three (3) days preceding and two (2) days following the holiday. Reserve Flight Attendants may indicate their choices for these days through the automated means provided by the Company. Whenever possible, reserves shall be assigned IDs so that they may have the opportunity to be where they wish on this holiday in the order of their seniority.
      4. Whenever, in the opinion of the Company, open ID coverage can be more effectively covered.
    14. Except to avoid drafting, a reserve shall be given only one (1) ID assignment in a duty period.
  4. Special Reserve Legalities
    1. Minimum Days Off
      a. (1) A Reserve shall be relieved of all duties for twelve (12) calendar days each month at her/his home domicile.
        (2) At its discretion, the Company may build reserve lines with up to sixteen (16) calendar days off in a month, subject to a proportionate reduction in guarantee.
        (3) The manner in which these days off are sequenced will be determined by each domicile except that such sequences must provide for at least one (1) calendar day off during any seven (7) consecutive days. The Local Union Schedule Committee may recommend sequences of reserve days off which normally will be utilized if they do not result in a need for additional Reserves or, in the opinion of Inflight Scheduling, create or compound a potential coverage problem. Such days off shall be assigned prior to the beginning of each month and shall be shown on her/his schedule for the month.
        (4) No later than three (3) days prior to the schedule change, a Reserve who did not bid for but was assigned a line with the number of days off exceeding the monthly applicable minimum may, at her/his option, contact Crew Scheduling to be assigned additional days of availability and have her/his reserve guarantee adjusted. Crew Scheduling shall add days of availability to restore the Reserve's minimum days off, per Paragraph (1) above. Crew Scheduling shall consider the Flight Attendant's preference as to which day(s) of availability to restore.
      b. Reserve calendar days off are from midnight to midnight. When a reserve arrives at her/his domicile and the duty period ends after midnight on a scheduled day off, she/he will be given that day off or the day following the last day in that days-off sequence; or may at that time select any other day off in the month which, in the opinion of the Company, would not result in coverage problems. In the event the reserve elects an additional day off, she/he will be available for duty for the remainder of the violated day.
      c. Reserve lines of flying may be scheduled for a maximum number of consecutive days of availability necessary to fly the International IDs assigned to a domicile. A maximum of 50% of a domicile's reserve lines of flying may be scheduled for a maximum number of consecutive days of availability necessary to fly International IDs assigned to another domicile. In no case may the consecutive days of availability exceed the longest trip length by more than two (2) days.
    2. One in Seven Limitation
      1. Relief from all duty and Company obligations for not less than one (1) calendar day shall be provided for each reserve at the home domicile at least once during any seven (7) consecutive days.
      2. If, as a result of a reserve Flight Attendant's schedule selection, she/he has not been provided with one (1) day off in a seven (7) day period, one (1) of the other scheduled days off may be used to provide for the required one (1) day off in a seven (7) day period. The Flight Attendant may indicate preferences as to which day will be used for this purpose and such preferences will be considered, if possible.
      3. The provisions of sub-paragraph a above may be waived by the Flight Attendant on an actual basis.
    3. Legal Rest Provisions at the Home Domicile
      1. Twelve (12) hours free from duty at the home domicile shall constitute a legal rest for reserves.
      2. A reserve who returns to the home domicile from an ID shall immediately contact the crew scheduler. The crew scheduler will advise the reserve that her/his status will be one of the following:

        (1) The reserve's legal rest will commence thirty (30) minutes (or fifteen [15] minutes after deadhead) from the time of block arrival, or

        (2) The reserve will be given a second assignment within the same duty period to avoid drafting, or

        (3) The reserve will be assigned in accordance with time accrued order and legal rest provisions to an ID departing within fifteen (15) hours.
      3. Upon commencement of a legal rest at the home domicile, a reserve will not be subject to contact for the first eight (8) hours of the rest period, after which time she/he will maintain contact until given an assignment or commences day(s) off period.
    4. Reserves shall be allowed to trade days off under the following provisions:
      1. The trade must be submitted for approval to Inflight Scheduling at least two (2) days prior to the first day involved in the trade.
      2. The trade must not, in the opinion of scheduling personnel, adversely affect coverage.
      3. The trade will not result in a reserve being scheduled for less than one (1) day off in seven (7) consecutive days. (May be waived by the Flight Attendant.)
      4. A trade cannot increase the number of blocks (groups) of days off above the number in her/his reserve line prior to the trade. It is permissible, however, for the trade to result in fewer blocks of days off.
      5. All trades must result in no less than three (3) days of reserve availability between days off blocks.
      6. A reserve shall be able to trade day(s) off each month within her/his own line.
      7. Provisions a., d., e., and f., above may be waived, if in the opinion of Inflight Scheduling the trade would not result in coverage problems.
      8. Rejected trades shall include the reason for being rejected.
    5. 5. a. Once a Reserve has been assigned an ID, she/he shall have the ability to trade with another Flight Attendant for an ID; (i) of the same number of days; (ii) departing on the same day; and (iii) if the trade is between a Reserve and a Lineholder, the ID credit time cannot differ by more than two (2) hours and a Reserve who picks up additional time will be considered to have opted to over hundred (100) hours for the applicable month.
        b. Once a Reserve has been assigned an ID, she/he shall have the ability to trade an ID for days off (RDO trade) with a Lineholder. The reserve guarantee shall be reduced based on the number of availability days vacated.
  5. Notice of Assignment
    A Reserve shall be given fifteen (15) hours notice at the domicile point before departure time except that when the need for a Reserve cannot be determined at least fifteen (15) hours in advance of the flight, a lesser notice may be given. Although every attempt shall be made to assign a Reserve at least four (4) hours prior to departure time, a Reserve receiving less than four (4) hours notice will attempt to make the assignment. Except for periods of relief from duty provided in Section 7, a Reserve will be subject to contact at any time and must be available by keeping the Company advised of where she/he can be reached.
    1. An available Reserve may be released from contact for a period of time with the approval of the crew scheduler.
    2. A Reserve may provide one (1) alternate contact at a time. Personal beepers will be considered as an alternate contact.
    3. Once given an initial assignment at the home domicile, a Reserve need not remain available for contact.
    4. If an ID is assigned to a Reserve and then subsequently reassigned to a Lineholder, the crew scheduler will attempt to contact the Reserve before she/he leaves for the airport.
    5. If a Reserve is required to report to the airport for a flight assignment and that assignment cancels and she/he is required to remain for a later assignment, she/he shall be covered by the standby reserve provisions of Paragraph G of this Section.
  6. Picking Up Open Flying
    1. In order to avoid drafting, a Reserve may, at her/his option pick up open flying on or into scheduled days off.
    2. A Reserve may only pick up an ID which is scheduled to return to the home domicile in time for a legal rest prior to 0700 of the next sched- uled reserve day. However, with the approval of the Company, a Reserve may pick up an ID which makes her/him illegal for the next scheduled reserve day or flies her/him into the next reserve day. Any assignment thereafter will have to meet all legality rules as set forth in Section 7 or 12., as applicable.
    3. When a Reserve picks up an open ID on scheduled day(s) off, there will be no restoration of minimum days off under any conditions.
  7. Standby Reserve
    1. When a Reserve Flight Attendant is required to report to the airport without a specific flight assignment on a standby basis or when a Reserve Flight Attendant is reassigned to standby after arriving at the airport, the duty time shall begin at the time she/he reports and shall terminate at release time or one (1) hour before departure time of an assigned ID. A Flight Attendant will receive one-half (1/2) pay and flight time credit while on standby status, provided that if she/he does not fly during said duty period, she/he shall receive a minimum credit of five (5) hours for flight time limitations and pay purposes. Adequate rest accommodations shall be provided during the standby period.
      1. A Flight Attendant on standby reserve shall be released from standby duty no later than four (4) hours from the time she/he reports for duty, or will be assigned an ID which departs no later than five (5) hours from commencement of the duty period, except when the Company is in a drafting situation.
    2. Flight Attendants will be assigned standby reserve in time accrued order from the appropriate availability list and will be entitled to stand- by Reserve pay and credit if specifically assigned as standby Reserves, or if after reporting for duty is subsequently reassigned to standby. Standby Reserves should be assigned to the first available open ID not previously assigned for which they are qualified, when they are no longer needed as standbys. Flight Attendants required to report to the airport as standby Reserves and not assigned an ID will be placed in time accrued order on their appropriate availability list. A standby who is not given a flight assignment shall be released from duty to begin her/his legal rest.
    3. A standby Reserve who is required to report to the airport and actually flies, shall receive one-half (1/2) pay and flight time credit for the standby time in addition to any assigned flight time.
  8. At the time a Reserve bids a reserve line, she/he shall indicate whether she/he elects to be governed by the one hundred(100) hours or over one hundred (100) hours for the month. Additionally, a Reserve may opt any- time during the month.
  9. The Company shall provide an automated flight status communication system, accessible by telephone, for each domicile's Ready Reserves on a continual basis.

    The communication shall contain:
    1. Identification of communication source.
    2. Number of one, two, three and four or more duty period open IDs.
    3. Names of Reserves legal for assignment and number of days available.
  10. The Company shall maintain and make available by automated means to the Flight Attendants in each domicile daily open flying records which will include a description of all open IDs and the names of the person(s) assigned to such IDs. These shall include records currently known as "reserve fly" and "assign show".
  11. Reserve Assignment
    All Reserves will be given round-trip assignments whenever possible, how- ever, any Reserve who arrives at a layover and who has not been given a return assignment will be notified of their return assignment within fifteen (15) hours of their arrival at a Domestic layover location and within twenty-four (24) hours of their arrival at an International layover location. The assignment must be made inclusive of the restriction of Section 7.J.6.

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