Collective Bargaining Agreement


Section 14 -- Temporary Duty Assignment


  1. Temporary duty assignments shall be for a period of no more than four (4) consecutive schedule months and shall consist of filling of vacancies for any flight coverage.
    1. a. For temporary duty assignments of thirty (30) days or more, the Company will post a bid in multiple locations frequented by Flight Attendants in the domicile, and corresponding co-terminal(s) selected to provide the coverage and will include electronic notification to all affected Flight Attendants. Filling of the assignment shall be on a seniority basis from among those qualified to bid and who will be available.
      b. A Flight Attendant bidding for TDY will be bypassed based on the following:
    (1) Seven (7) days or more of unavailability for a TDY of one (1) schedule month;
    (2) Fourteen (14) days or more of unavailability for a TDY of two (2) or three (3) consecutive schedule months;
    (3) Seventeen (17) days or more of unavailability for a TDY of four (4) consecutive schedule months.
      c. Flight Attendants may not voluntarily surrender awarded vacation day(s) to make themselves eligible to bid a TDY as defined in this Section.



    d. If an insufficient number of bids are received, the Company may request any Flight Attendant willing to accept the assignment, or may assign the most junior Flight Attendant qualified to fill the vacancy. In this instance, no restrictions on days of unavailability shall apply.
    1. The bid (bulletin) shall state the expected length of the temporary duty assignment, the number of such assignments if more than one, the location of the assignment and the place where bids are to be sent and the last date on which they will be received. Such date will be a minimum of seven (7) twenty-four (24) hour periods from the date a bulletin is posted.

      Any Flight Attendant transferring to fill such vacancy will begin the assignment on the date set by the Company, which shall be not less than five (5) days from the date notified of the assignment. A Flight Attendant shall be allowed a reasonable period between the time relieved of her/his duties until the time required to report at the new location. Such time shall be established in advance and shall be dependent upon the means of travel.
  2. Temporary duty assignments of less than thirty (30) days shall be offered in seniority order to reserves at the domicile(s) selected to provide the coverage. Reserves who will be unavailable for one-third (1/3) or more of the TDY assignment because of vacation, ANP time, leave of absence or sick leave will be by-passed for temporary duty assignment. Any need remaining after this procedure is completed will be in inverse order of seniority in accordance with scheduled availability of the reserve(s) during the temporary duty assignment.
  3. In addition to all other compensation, Flight Attendants on temporary duty assignment to a geographic location other than their domicile, shall receive the following:
    1. Every reasonable effort will be made to provide quarters in downtown or downtown-like locations within close proximity to restaurants and shopping. The criteria used in Section 3.K. will apply. Flight Attendants will be entitled to reasonable and actual expenses for single occupancy hotel rooms when not provided by the Company.
    2. Expenses when on duty or on flight assignment in accordance with Section 6.A.1. and Twenty Dollars ($20.00) per day for all incidental expenses. The Company reserves the right to increase the daily incidental expense allowance based on the circumstances related to the TDY. Prior to implementation, the Company will advise the MEC President/designee of its reason(s) for the increase.
    3. They shall also be furnished NRPS transportation to and from the temporary duty domicile.
    4. Transportation between the hotel and the airport or expenses therefore, if transportation is not furnished by the Company.
    5. Actual and necessary laundry and cleaning expenses will be allowed, supported by receipt, when the temporary duty assignment is for more than seven (7) days.

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