Collective Bargaining Agreement


Section 15 -- Training and Meetings


  1. Flight Attendants required to attend any Company training or meeting shall be compensated at the rate of Nine Dollars ($9.00) per hour, prorated. This provision is not applicable to removal from flight schedule as described in Paragraph G, personal meetings or domicile indoctrination.
    1. A minimum of one (1) hour's pay will be provided:
      1. when the training immediately precedes or follows a duty period,
      2. for up to three (3) training events per calendar year when the training occurs completely apart from the duty period.
    2. When the Company requires a Flight Attendant to attend training completely apart from a duty period more than three (3) times per calendar year, a minimum of three (3) hours pay will be provided.
    3. Each meeting or training will not exceed eight (8) hours. No such training or meetings shall be held between the hours of 2200 and 0600 except in an emergency or as provided in Paragraph 4 below.
    4. Training, as provided for in Paragraph A-1 above, shall not take place between 2200 and 0600 except with the concurrence of the Flight Attendant.
  2. Whenever possible, all general Flight Attendant meetings shall be shown in the lines of flying for bidding. Flight Attendant meeting dates will be announced at least fifteen (15) days in advance. Trip trades between Flight Attendants shall not be restricted as a result of a scheduled Company meeting.
  3. All travel necessary for training and meetings shall be by must-ride NRPS transportation. Flight Attendant transportation will be provided in accordance with Section 11.B. and E.
  4. A Flight Attendant may be reassigned in order to become trained in a premium position. A Flight Attendant may be so reassigned on no more than one (1) ID per month. It is understood that the position into which the Flight Attendant is reassigned must be vacant or the Flight Attendant in that position must be willing to train the repositioned Attendant.
  5. In the event any training or meeting is canceled or rescheduled twelve (12) hours before such training or meeting is to commence, the Company shall make every reasonable attempt to notify the Flight Attendant(s) affected.

  6. Flight Attendants will be provided single occupancy hotel rooms for layovers related to training or meetings.

  7. Flight Attendants removed from flight schedules for training or meetings shall receive pay and flight time credit for the scheduled flight hours missed. This provision is not applicable to Flight Attendants who as a result of voluntary transfers are required to receive training in order to qualify on equipment flown by the new domicile.
  8. A Flight Attendant whose days off are reduced below minimum guarantee due to any training, meetings or associated travel days, shall be protected against any loss of pay resulting from the rescheduling necessary to restore days off to the required minimum.
  9. When a Flight Attendant is being trained in a premium pay position (as provided for in Section 5 - Compensation) both the trainee and the trainer shall receive the applicable premium pay.
J.   1. For the purpose of legal rest requirements and maximum duty periods only, either of which may be waived at the Flight Attendant's option, a Flight Attendant will be considered on duty during times she/he is required to and attends any general training or any meeting as contemplated in this Section. Per hour expenses as described in Section 6 shall apply. Personal meetings or retraining are specifically excluded from this provision.
    2. When Flight Attendants are required to travel to training, fifteen (15) hours between scheduled arrival and training shall be provided if the scheduled flight time, whether non-stop, or multi-segment with no intervening rest, from the Flight Attendant’s domicile to another domicile or city designated by the Company for training, exceeds nine (9) hours.
    3. A Flight Attendant returning to her/his home domicile from training whose scheduled flight time exceeds nine (9) hours, whether non-stop or multi-segment with no intervening rest, shall receive a minimum twelve (12) hour rest prior to her/his next assignment.
    4. The provisions of sub-paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 above may be waived by the Flight Attendant.
  1. If the Company requires a Flight Attendant to attend any training, group meeting, or individual meeting, and she/he is not provided with one (1) calendar day off in seven (7) consecutive calendar days, she/he shall be protected against any loss of pay resulting from the rescheduling necessary to restore days off to the required minimum.
  2. When a Flight Attendant is required to complete a home study course, she/he shall receive training pay for a reasonable time established by the Company to complete the course.
  3. Lineholders shall be allowed the opportunity to bid for recurrent emergency training before being assigned by the Company.
  4. A Flight Attendant who is required to travel to recurrent emergency training at another domicile, who is unable to attend due to Company provided transportation irregularities, and who thus becomes projected below minimum days off, will be pay protected for any rescheduling necessary to restore the minimum day(s) off.
O.   1. Whenever possible, Flight Attendants will be permitted to bid month, if applicable, date and time for all required training.




After a Flight Attendant has bid and been awarded a training/meeting date, the Flight Attendant may trade her/his date, with two (2) business days’ notice, for any open slot in the same schedule month not reserved by Training. Such trades will be awarded on a first come, first served basis.

  1. A Flight Attendant who has not flown an International ID during any consecutive eighteen (18) month period will be required to successfully complete International Refresher Training in order to maintain her/his qualification. A Flight Attendant who has not flown an International ID during any consecutive three (3) year period will be required to successfully complete initial International Services Training in order to be requalified.

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