Collective Bargaining Agreement


Uniform Stripes

May 1, 2003

Mr. Gregory E. Davidowitch, President

UAL Master Executive Council

Association of Flight Attendants

6400 Shafer Court, Suite 250

Rosemont, IL 60018

Re: Uniform Stripes

Dear Mr. Davidowitch:

This letter will confirm that, during the course of the negotiations leading to the Restructuring Agreement dated May 1, 2003 , the Company and the Union discussed the Flight Attendant uniform. Within ninety (90) days from date of signing of the Restructuring Agreement, the Company and the Association will meet to determine a cost neutral method of phasing in a uniform jacket with stripes on the cuff of the sleeve through the normal replacement process in accordance with Section 16.D. of the Flight Attendant Agreement.



/s/ Charles L. Ahmes                  

Charles L. Ahmes

Managing Director

Onboard Service