Collective Bargaining Agreement



October 2, 1997

Mr. Kevin Lum, President

UAL/AFA Master Executive Council

Association of Flight Attendants

6400 Shafer Court, Suite 250

Rosemont, IL 60018

Dear Mr. Lum:

This letter will confirm the agreement reached during the course of discussions leading to the 1996 Agreement regarding flying to and from Delhi.

  1. When a Flight Attendant is required to deadhead (either on or offline) to or from Delhi, they will be accommodated in accordance with the provisions of the Agreement.

  2. Aircraft used on flights to, from, or within India will have a priority lavatory lock system (similar to the 747-400 system) installed within a reasonable period of time. Crew members will have priority use of this lavatory.
  3. The layover hotel in Delhi will be selected by the Union from the Hyatt Regency or the Welcomgroup Maurya Sheraton. The Company will not change hotels as a result of a rate increase without providing the Union 60 days notice prior to the change. The parties will begin the process of obtaining another mutually acceptable hotel(s) to serve as an available backup, in the event the current hotel becomes unavailable. A crew lounge will be provided by the hotel for use by United crews. If technologically feasible, a Unimatic terminal will be provided at the hotel within a reasonable period of time and available to United crews.
  4. European or North American bottled drinking water meeting U.S. Health Department standards for purity will be made available for Flight Attendants on their layover in Delhi. Bottled water will also be made available to Flight Attendants on flight segments operating to and from Delhi.
  5. The Company will provide the names of English-speaking doctors and medical facilities which are available 24 hours a day. A priority will be placed on finding doctors and facilities which are convenient to the layover hotel and with whom arrangements can be made which will eliminate the possibility that the Flight Attendant will be required to provide immediate payment for treatment; including arrangements which would require the Flight Attendant to later reimburse the Company for advancing payment on her/his behalf.
  6. The Company will explore a corporate membership at a travelers or expatriate club which specializes in English-speaking membership in Delhi for the purpose of providing Flight Attendants on layover with membership services. The Company is committed to providing this service if such services are available and can be acquired at a cost no greater than that paid by other international airlines that provide their crews with such services in Delhi.
  7. This letter shall apply to any other destination in India.
  8. The Company and the Association will meet and confer to determine if this agreement is applicable to any other international city with comparable living standards and conditions.



/s/ Sara Fields                 

Sara Fields

Senior Vice President

Onboard Service