Collective Bargaining Agreement


Wage Garnishment

May 1, 2003

Mr. Gregory E. Davidowitch, President

UAL/AFA Master Executive Council

Association of Flight Attendants

6400 Shafer Court, Suite 250

Rosemont, IL 60018

Re: Wage Garnishments

Dear Mr. Davidowitch:

As a result of discussions between the Company and the Association leading to the Restructuring Agreement, dated May 1, 2003, the Parties have agreed that the Company will not issue discipline to Flight Attendants based on the Company’s receipt of a wage garnishment(s) unless the Flight Attendant has repeatedly and after notice from the Company failed to take appropriate corrective action.

This Letter shall be effective upon signing and shall run concurrently with the Flight Attendant Agreement.



/s/ Charles L. Ahmes                  

Charles L. Ahmes

Managing Director

Onboard Service