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Blood Alcohol, Breathalyzer Tests and Drug Testing

Immediate Actions

  • Ensure that DOT procedures are followed.
  • Request a split sample.
  • Ensure duty credit is listed in your DFAP.

Ensure that management uses only official Department of Transportation (DOT) procedures established for mandatory alcohol testing. DOT procedures require the use of a standardized breathalyzer. The categories of testing allowed are: random, post-accident and reasonable suspicion.

The standard required for reasonable suspicion is based on one supervisor's "specific, contemporaneous, articulated observations concerning the appearance, behavior, speech or body odors of the employee." If you are asked to submit to a "reasonable suspicion test,"
find a witness (preferably a Union Representative).
In the presence of your witness, ask the supervisor what evidence is being used to require the test. Write down exactly what the supervisor states.

If management directs you to take any alcohol test beyond the scope of DOT procedures (such as a blood alcohol test), contact a Union Representative immediately. You should not be required to take any test that deviates from DOT procedures. Under no circumstances should you release any test results to the company before you consult your Union.

Drug Testing

Ensure that management uses only DOT procedures. To protect yourself, always ask for a SPLIT SAMPLE. Also, always contact the Union if the test results are positive.

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