Senior Designated Reserve (Section 10.A.5)

What does Senior Designated Reserve Mean?

The Senior Designated Reserve (SDR) is the most senior Flight Attendant that is projected to be on Reserve for a given bid month.  The company each month for each Domicile, takes into consideration flight schedules, manpower, holidays, transfers, time of year and any other pertinent factors and then calculates an estimated seniority date of which they believe will be the most senior Reserve.

The approximate SDR date for each domicile is also calculated by assuming no Lineholders will bid into the qualified purser and language lines.  As stated in Section 10.A.5 of our Contract, it is recommended that the most Senior Designated Reserves and the most junior Lineholder of the same letter should preference both line and Reserve positions. 

Section: 10.A.5.

In any given month, the most senior designated Reserves and the most junior Lineholders of the same letter should preference both schedule and reserve positions.

Reserve Rotation (A/B Rotation)

All Flight Attendants will serve on a continuous Reserve status for five (5) years or until such time as their seniority allows you to be awarded a line of flying.   After this five (5) year period, every Flight Attendant will receive a Reserve letter "A" or "B" and is guaranteed to be a Lineholder every other month, if you desire and bid accordingly.  The top twenty-five percent (25%) of Flight Attendants at each domicile are exempt from Reserve rotation.

Each year the Reserve letters are updated in September, prior to the vacation bid period for the next year vacation.  The new reserve letter becomes effective for the 12-month period, beginning in February of the next year.  A Flight Attendant has the option to trade your Reserve letter via Unimatic code DIS*2787. 

The following are the months you may have a Reserve obligation during A/B rotation:

"A" January March May July September November
"B" February April June August October December


Before bidding each month, you should determine if you may have a Reserve obligation as indicated by the SDR date listed in the Flight Attendant bid package Cover Letter.  If it is your Reserve month and you want to increase your chances for holding a line, bid all lines, including RLF.  Remember, as long as you do not bid any Reserve lines in your Lineholder month, you are guaranteed a line.  If you submit insufficient bids you will be awarded the lowest numbered line available at your seniority.

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