Order of Assignment (Sections 9.I. and 12.Q.)

Our Contract outlines the specific protocol on how open IDs will be assigned.  Understanding the Order of Assignment provisions of our Contract is fundamental in having a comprehensive knowledge of other key issues such as Reserve Assignments, Lineholder Reassignment and Drafting.  Section 9.I. outlines this process for assignment of domestic IDs while Section 12 provides similar information for the assignment of international IDs.

In both cases, assignment for all open flying shall be in the following order:

  • Converted Flight Attendant
  • Home Flight Attendant
  • Visiting Flight Attendant
  • A Home Lineholder
  • A Home Reserve Flight Attendant
  • Drafting

When assigning open IDs under the provisions of Paragraph 2 (Home Flight Attendants) and 3 (Visiting Flight Attendant) of this Section, a Flight Attendant who, due to an irregularity, is projected the greatest number of hours beneath her/his line guarantee is assigned first.

In the application of Paragraph 4 of this Section (a Home lineholder), the Flight Attendant with the lowest line guarantee is assigned first.

In the application of Paragraph 6 of this Section (Reserve picking up open flying), the Reserve with the lowest projection will be assigned first,

In the application of Paragraphs 2, 3, 4 & 6, in a circumstance where the number of hours is equal for two (2) or more Flight Attendants, the assignment will be according to seniority.

Converted Flight Attendants

Converted Flight Attendants, who are originally scheduled to Deadhead on a specific flight, are converted to working status in order to cover that same flight.

NOTE: Conversion to working status on a flight cannot cause you to become illegal for the remainder of your scheduled ID.  Conversions from deadhead to working status must be offered in seniority order.

A Home Flight Attendant

At the home domicile, assignment of open IDs will be made to Flight Attendants who:

  • Have lost their scheduled outbound flight for any reason or,
  • Whose outbound flight is operating so late she/he would miss her/his return flight, or
  • Who by taking the open flight, can connect to the return flight, or
  • Whose reassignment would prevent drafting, or
  • Who is being reassigned to restore minimum calendar days off, or
  • Who is being reassigned under Section 8.J. of the Contract.

A Visiting Flight Attendant

A visiting Flight Attendant is a Flight Attendant who is at any domicile other than her/his home domicile,  For example, Boston based Flight Attendant while in Chicago would be considered a visiting Flight Attendant.   Section 9.I.3. provides for the assignment of a Visiting Flight Attendant who has lost her/his outbound flight because of irregular operations or who has arrived at the location with an open return assignment.
Visiting Flight Attendants with no return must contact Crew Scheduling immediately on arrival or as soon as the loss is known.  A Visiting Flight Attendant who has lost her/his assigned flight will be assigned in the following order:

  1. To a flight which will return her/him directly to her/his domicile and not beyond or returned to her/his scheduled sequence.  (Under this provision, a Flight Attendant may be returned in an indirect manner if it is more expeditious.)
  2. To a flight which is scheduled to depart not more than twelve (12) hours beyond her/his scheduled departure
  3. To a flight which will not make her/him legal for her/his next scheduled ID
  4. To be held for reassignment for not more than twenty-four (24) hours in the case of a cancellation caused by an extended period of weather
  5. To deadhead home if no such open flight exists.   (She he may be drafted.)

When arriving at the domicile with no assigned return may be given an assignment to her/his domicile that is scheduled to depart no more than twelve (12) hours beyond the termination of legal rest.

A Home Lineholder

Home lineholders who desire to increase flight time, for whatever reason, may submit an Open Flying Request (OFR).  However, picking up a trip from open time cannot disrupt your current assigned schedule or project her/him over maximum credited hours.

The following order will apply provided the open flying priority is valid at the time of the award.  In a situation where the priority is no longer valid, the request shall be considered at the lowest priority:

  1. A Flight Attendant who has lost time for any reason, including military ANP, and lost time under Section 8.J, 12.I., and 18.K excluding illness and RDO.
  2. A Flight Attendants whose line guarantee is below seventy (70) hours.
  3. A Flight Attendant who desires to make up sick leave time.
  4. A Flight Attendant who desires to increase their time for any reason, including the ability to make-up an AFA release.
  5. A Flight Attendant who in the Partnership program and wishes to increase time up to her/his applicable maximum.
  6. A Flight Attendant who, with company approval, desires to make up PTO and ANP.
  7. A Flight Attendant who has lost time due to RDO.

A Home Reserve Flight Attendant

Reserves within each group of days of availability (day classification) are considered for open assignments by matching the corresponding number of days of availability to the number of days of the ID.   Reserves are assigned in time accrued (TMAC) order with the lesser time accrued being assigned first.

A Home Reserve Flight Attendant on a Scheduled Day Off

A Home Reserve Flight Attendant may pick up open flying

  • On scheduled days off on a once a month basis
  • On scheduled days off in order to prevent drafting

Under this provision a Reserve may only pick up an ID which is scheduled to return to the home domicile in time for a legal rest prior to 0700 of the next scheduled reserve day.  (However, with the approval of the company this requirement may be waived.)

When a Reserve picks up an open ID on their scheduled day(s) off, there will be no restoration of their minimum days off.

Note: All hours flown under this provision will be applied towards her/his Reserve minimum guarantee.


Drafting is provided for under our Contract after exhausting the Order of Assignment, as set forth in Sections 9.I. and 12.Q. of the Contract.

Lineholders shall be considered drafted

  • When assigned, while off duty, in inverse order of seniority and in priority among those available and qualified. 
  • When removed from their assigned flight for which they are legal, available and in position to fly, and assigned to cover any other flights.

Drafting must occur in the following order:

  • The most junior home Flight Attendant who can work the flight and still be legal for her/his next scheduled ID, if time permits
  • The most junior home domestic Flight Attendant available
  • Any Flight Attendant legal for the flight, in inverse order of seniority, if possible.

Furthermore, Section 9.H.3. of the Contract provides that drafting assignments shall not be made more than six (6) hours prior to scheduled departure.  Flight Attendants may not decline a drafting assignment. Keep in mind, that once the company applies the drafting provisions of the Contract, there are pay ramifications of which everyone should be aware.  Section 9.I.7.d. provides that when drafted, Flight Attendants will receive two hours and thirty minutes (2:30) of extra pay, including premium and language, for pay purposes only. (This is not offset by line guarantee.) 

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