Lineholder Trip Trading Provisions (Section 9.G.)

Our new Contract provides for improvements to trip trading to increase schedule flexibility for Lineholders.

Section 9.G.1.

Flight Attendants based at the same domicile may be involved each month in exchanges of ID(s) with the approval of Inflight Scheduling.

Section 9.G.3.

Lineholders may trade IDs in their lines with another Lineholder for days off (RDO).

Trip Trading for Charter Flights

In order for a Lineholder to trade their assigned ID for a charter trip the following is required:

  • The Flight Attendant will be limited to one such trade per month.
  • The charter should not involve less trip days than the ID being traded.
  • All other trip trade rules will apply.

Inflight Scheduling has the right to disapprove a charter trade if it will result in a coverage problem.

Trip Trading for Open Flying

Lineholders may trade ID(s) in their lines of flying with open flying.  The daily allocation of trip trading for open flying shall not be less than five percent (5%) of the total active Flight Attendant population for each domicile, unless Inflight Scheduling sees a need.  Same day trades will be processed beyond this allocation up to ten percent 10%, as outlined in Section 9.G.4.b.

Trades shall be awarded prior to the open flying process each day, and will begin to be processed before the 1200-1500 open flying process on the last day of the old month. Trades are processed according to Sec. 9.G.4.e.

Trip Trading Restrictions:

  • A Lineholder must be legal to work her/his next ID.
  • A Lineholder cannot "trade back" into the same ID/position that they traded, but can trade back into the same ID, as long as the position is different.
  • A Lineholder trading into a Purser position must be Purser qualified. (With the limited exception of trading into a Purser position from a Relief line of flying).
  • Trades should not involve less trip days than the ID being traded.

A Lineholder cannot "trade back" into the same position of the same ID, but can trade back into the same ID, as long as the position is different.


Example: If a Lineholder trades out of the "N" position of ID 6001, they can trade back into ID 6001, but only in a different position, such as "M" or "FS".

Entering a Trip Trade Request in Unimatic:

A Lineholder wishing to trade an ID can submit a trade request by using DSPFAI in Unimatic and filling out all applicable fields. See screenshot steps below.

Step One:

         ACTN FILE #  RSV
»DSPFAI/ TRD/ 001234/ _

Step Two:

REQTRD/JONES, B       /FN 123456/SEN 000058/00/     /    /  / /
                     ID #  DATE  ID #  DATE  ID #  DATE
WISH TO TRADE ID(S)  _123- 0725/ ____- MMDD/ ____- MMDD/
                     ____- MMDD/ ____- MMDD/ ____- MMDD/
WITH SMITH, J________/ 654321/ 1420B/ ______/
                     ID #  DATE  ID #  DATE  ID #  DATE
          FOR ID(S)  _456- 0725/ ____- MMDD/ ____- MMDD/
                     ____- MMDD/ ____- MMDD/ ____- MMDD/
                ID #  DATE KEY  ID #  DATE KEY  ID #  DATE KEY
FOR CHARTER ID  ____- MMDD/ _ / ____- MMDD/ _ / ____- MMDD/ _ /
FOR OPEN ID     ____- MMDD/ _ / ____- MMDD/ _ / ____- MMDD/ _ /

Safeguarding Your Schedule

You may lock your line using a TRDKEY.  You may establish a personal key that can be shared with flying partners entrusted to perform trades and/or ANP/PTO on your behalf.  The basic functions include:

  • The default setting in TRDKEY is unlocked. If you do not update the lock or trade key fields, trades may be entered the same as today.
  • If you elect to use the TRDKEY, other Flight Attendants will be prompted to enter your key when performing trade and/or ANP/PTO requests on your behalf.
  • You may also lock your line without establishing a key, which restricts anyone but yourself from entering trades (including between two Flight Attendants) and/or ANP/PTO.
  • Your ability to display and enter requests for yourself is unaffected by TRDKEY.
  • If a Flight Attendant's TRDKEY is set to lock without a key, you will not be able to enter a trade and/or ANP/PTO complete the submission and receive the following error response: TRDKEY-ERR: F/A/ LOCKED, INVALID REQUEST

For more information about the use of TRDKEY please visit our website.

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