Operational Reliablity Incentive

Section 7.J.2. of our Contract provides a Flight Attendant an Operational Reliability Incentive of five (5) hours incentive pay if the company requests her/him to waive minimum Contractual Legal Rest (only with their concurrence) to FAR minimum legal rest of 8 hours on domestic layovers.

Section 7.J.2

  1. The company may initiate the following procedures whenever it is anticipated one or more Flight Attendants will be unable to depart on-time following a scheduled layover. These procedures only apply to a layover at a non-domicile
    location where timely replacement of the Flight Attendant(s)is not possible:
  2. Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 7.J.1.b. above and with the Flight Attendant(s) concurrence, the rest will be a minimum of eight (8) hours free from duty. Provided, however, that:

    1. The Flight Attendant(s) are notified prior to, or immediately upon arrival at the layover station of the Company’s request to implement this provision, and
    2. The layover hotel meets the field layover requirements of Section 7.J.1.b. above, and
    3. Transportation to the layover hotel is immediately available upon arrival. If the transportation is not immediately available, the Flight Attendant(s) may, at their option and after notifying the Company upon their arrival at the hotel, revert to the actual minimum layover under 7.J.1.b. above.
  3. When the Flight Attendant(s) report(s) for duty for the first segment following their rest period under Section 7.J.2.,she/he shall each receive five (5) hours of incentive pay at her/his hourly rate.

Certain procedures must be followed in order for the company to implement this provision. The Flight Attendant(s) must be notified prior to, or immediately upon arrival at the layover station. The Flight Attendant must concurr. Also, the layover hotel must meet the field layover requirements (Sec. 7.J.1.b.), and transportation must be immediately available upon arrival. If any of these actions are not provided, the Flight Attendant(s) may, at their option, revert to the actual legal rest provisions in Section 7.J.1.b. of our Contract.

The legal rest period does not include debriefing/briefing times or authorized holding time in excess of debriefing. If prompt transportation to the layover hotel is not available (Sec. 7.J.1.b.), and the company is unable to resolve this issue in a timely manner, the layover should be rescheduled to nine (9) hours if the hotel is within approximately fifteen minutes from the airport, or eleven (11) hours if the hotel is more than approximately fifteen minutes away. The Operational Reliability Incentive provision only applies at non-domicile locations where timely replacement is not possible.

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