Reserve Pay Protections (Section 5.D. and 5.E.)

Our 2012 – 2016 Contract provides for improvements to monthly pay protections for Reserve Flight Attendants.

Reserve Monthly Guarantee

The Reserve monthly guarantee has increased to seventy-eight (78) hours with our new Contract.  In addition to the pay in Section 5.D. below, Reserve shall be compensated with a reserve override, at the prorated rate of $1.93 for each credited flight hour, as set forth in Section 5.E.

Section 5.D.

Reserves shall be guaranteed seventy-eight (78) hours pay and credit per month, provided that when a Reserve is unavailable for duty on a without pay basis, her/his minimum guarantee will be reduced by four hours and twenty minutes (4:20) one-eighteenth (1/18th) in a thirty (30) day month and four hours and seven minutes (4:07) one-nineteenth (1/19th) in a thirty-one (31) day month for each day unavailable for scheduled duty.

Section 5.E.

In addition to Paragraph D above, a Reserve shall be compensated at the
following rate prorated for each credited flight hour:  



When a Reserve Flight Attendant is given a standby assignment or is reassigned to standby after arriving at the airport, her/his duty time begins at the time she/he reports.  Duty time terminates at the release time, or one (1) hour before departure time of an assigned ID.  A Flight Attendant will receive on-half (1/2) pay and flight time credit while on standby status, provided that if she/he does not fly during this duty period, she/he shall receive a minimum credit of five (5) hours for flight time limitations and pay purposes.  

Calculating Your Monthly Reserve Pay

Your monthly pay file (DFAP) is used to calculate your monthly reserve guarantee pay.  It is based on the hours and minutes of your total flight time (TOTL).  Numeric values in the DFAP, with the exception of per diem (EXPNS) which are reflected as a monetary value, are reflected in hours and minutes.  At the end of the schedule month, this TOTL is converted to a dollar value.  Once this process is completed, a paycheck is generated through the payroll system.

Reserve Pay Calculation Example:

(In this example, T. Workman is a Flight Attendant in the third year of the salary progression serving reserve for the month.)


Base salary

78 Hours @ $22.83/hour


Total Monthly Guarantee Pay (Sec 5.D.)


Actual Time Worked

International Rate of Pay - $23.44 x 28:02


Domestic Rate of Pay - $22.83 x 36:58


Total Monthly Pay for all work completed (67:59 hours)


*The Reserve's pay for the month will be the Total Guarantee Pay ($1,780.74), since it is the greater than the Total Pay for all work completed.

The Reserve's Guarantee Pay is added to any premium pay, reserve override, training pay, night pay, etc., to calculate the Total Regular Pay on her/his Statement of Earnings.

Guarantee Pay


Reserve Override (78hrs x $1.93)


Premium Pay


Training Pay


Night Pay


Total Regular Pay (listed on S.O.E. as 'Total Gross This Check')


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