Campaign for Reciprocal Travel Agreements

Archive Note: This page contains samples of our advocacy for Reciprocal Cabin Seat Agreements. Our persistence on this issue helped turn out the best program among the major airlines. This information on this page is for historical reference only.

Letters from MEC President Greg Davidowitch

Letters from the Local Council Presidents

MEC Resolutions

As we have said before, reducing hassles for Flight Attendants commuting to work will benefit our airline as more employees will have the ability to focus on the success of the company rather than expending time, energy and compensation on getting to and from work. There can be no down side to reaching these open seat agreements with other airlines. Simply put, reciprocal cabin seat agreements will have a direct impact on operational integrity, employee engagement and begin to restore confidence in the decisions made by management. We encourage every Member to continue to speak out in favor of these agreements.

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