MEC Committees

MEC CommitteesAll MEC Committee Members represent the MEC and support MEC positions when interacting with the Company and Flight Attendants.  

They carry out the responsibilities of their committee and support and adhere to the AFA-CWA Constitution and Bylaws, as well as the AFA-CWA United MEC Rules of Procedure and Policy.


Asian Affairs

Identifies and investigates legal and social problems that affect Flight Attendants based in Asian countries.

Central Schedule Committee

Schedules, staffing requirements, understaffing statistics and moved flying.

Contract Interpretation

Responsible for interpretation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

European Affairs

Identifies and investigates legal and social problems that affect Flight Attendants based in European countries.


Enforce the Contract and protect all Flight Attendants against arbitrary and unjust disciplinary action.

Membership Engagement

Works to achieve a vital connection of two-way communication between AFA-CWA Members and AFA-CWA Leadership.

Reserve Committee

Deals with issues affecting reserves.

Retirement Board

Resolves disputes of Flight Attendants and their beneficiaries over Retirement Benefits, and 401k hardship withdrawals.

System Board of Adjustment

Arbitrates any disputes or Grievances that may arise under the terms of the United Airlines Flight Attendant Contract.


Insurance, retirement programs and in current contractually provided occupational benefits.


Responsible for MEC communications including the MEC Website, Elines, and all areas of MEC communication.

Employee Assistance / Professional Standards

Works with Members and their families needing assistance / Addresses issues with standards on the job.

Government Affairs

Ensures that legislators are aware of our views on important issues.

Hotels and Transportation

Represents AFA to secure Contractual requirements through work with UAL Corporate Travel.

Negotiations Committee

Works with our professional negotiators, attorneys and consultants throughout the contract negotiation process.

Retiree Medical Plan Board

Addresses issues including rates relative to the Flight Attendant Retiree Medical Plan, and other Flight Attendant welfare benefit plans.

Safety, Health & Security

Works with UAL, the Federal Aviation Administration, and AFA-CWA International Air Safety, Health & Security Department to maintain and improve Flight Attendant safety, health, and cabin safety standards.


Acts as a liaison for AFA-CWA with the company regarding uniform changeovers and reissue concerns.

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