2014 - Enhanced Early Out Program

November 14, 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today is a major moment in our history, unprecedented in the industry.  United Airlines announced today they have awarded all eligible bids for the 2014 Enhanced Early Out Program (EEOP) to 1,802 Flight Attendants at pre-merger United.  Award lists and breakdowns by domicile are posted on our unitedafa.org website.  In the days ahead, specific information will be forthcoming from the company on exit date strategies and other program details.

Unprecedented is a word with which we are all too familiar.  As a Union of Flight Attendants our work over the decades has been ground breaking, indeed unprecedented. Over the years our efforts to continue to work beyond age 32, to be married, for men to have this job, to have domestic partners are but a few examples of the work accomplished over the years to shape the composition of our Flight Attendant community. 

Together we courageously took on a variety of campaigns challenging the powerful tobacco lobbies to eliminate smoking on the aircraft, to save our pensions, to address domicile openings, closures and surpluses and to become part of an international community of Flight Attendants always advancing issues affecting our careers, safety and the safety of the passengers in our care.   While, at times, the only voice to advance these issues for Flight Attendants, standing together as AFA, our Union of Flight Attendants is recognized worldwide as the expert in Flight Attendant issues and aviation safety.  Our Membership has come to demand the extraordinary services and advocacy on issues for Flight Attendants for which we are known and upon which our reputation is built.  We have accomplished much.

As individuals we have all been an integral part of building AFA, our Flight Attendant career and the great airline known as United.  Our career of service extends beyond our company and passengers to the Union where all of us have made significant contributions in one way or another. From serving as a committee volunteer or holding a Union position to those who contributed by writing postcards in support of our various campaigns, every effort has been instrumental. 

Each Member who has acted to participate in this Early Out has played a role in our success and each person will be missed.  Each of you is an important part of how we have shaped who we’ve collectively become.  In fact, each of you is extraordinary. 

We are grateful to those who have become a part of this historical event and wish you well today as we would at the end of any trip.  Once a Flight Attendant, always a Flight Attendant. You will always be a part of us.

In Solidarity,

Ken Diaz
United Master Executive Council

Andreas Curlee
Vice President
United Master Executive Council

Jeffrey W. Heisey
United Master Executive Council


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