Monthly Pay Protections for Reserves

Date: April 2006
Author: Eric Reeves

Reserve Override (5.E.)

For all pay and flight time credit purposes, Reserves will always be credited with a minimum of 75 hours per month, even if flown less (assuming they were available every Reserve day) (Section 5.E.).

A Reserve is paid an additional $1.82/hr. for each hour of credited flight time for the month earned while on Reserve status (Section 5.D.)  A Flight Attendant receiving a mid-month Move-Up Line will only receive Reserve override pay for those hours accrued while being on Reserve status.

Stand-By Pay Protections (10.G.)

While ONSB, Reserves receive 1/2 pay and FTM credit in addition to all other pay protections (Section 10.G.1.).

EXAMPLE: Reports as stand-by Reserve at 0700.  Given flight assignment for 1000 departure.  Flies 4:45 and released from duty at 1700.  Total DTM (0700 to 1700) is 10:00; entitles the Reserve to 5:00 minimum pay and credit.  BUT 4:45 FTM plus 1:00 (1/2 of the 2:00 standby time, from standby report to ID check-in at 0900) equals 5:45.  The Reserve would get 5:45 pay and credit. 

Move-Up Lines (10.B)

If a Reserve is awarded a Move-Up line after the month begins, and has been available for at least one day of Reserve, will be paid pursuant to the provisions of Section 5.D (minimum guarantee pay provisions) or the credited value (FTM) of the line; whichever is greater  (Settlement MEC 10-96).  This means that if during the month a Reserve is awarded a Move-Up line, as long as the Reserve as been available for at least one day, they will be paid either the 75 hour reserve minimum or actual FTM credit, whichever is greater.


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