Call-In Reserve Preferencing Interface

The information and resources on this page are designed to assist you in becoming familiar with the new Reserve Preferencing System. If you have any specific questions, please contact your local council.

Assignment Window Opens: 1900 LDT

Assignment Window Closes: 1500 LDT

CLLR Reserve Preference System – How it all Works

Our new Reserve Preference System is scheduled to go live on June 5 for the June 6th reserve assignments.  We have published a document that explains how the Call-In Reserve Preference system logic is applied to the assignment of IDs.  This document is only for the Call-In Reserve Preference process.  We encourage you to review this and all other training-related material available as we move forward on implementation of this new Contractual benefit.

Call-In (CLLR) Reserve Preferencing Assignments

Online Video Training Course

This online video training course is a series of 9 video tutorial lessons presented by Wayne Talaski, MEC Reserve Committee Vice-Chairperson, and Christopher Lee, MEC Electronic Communication Coordinator. These tutorials act as a supplement to the training packets. They were designed to walk you through some important information to remember when using the Call-In Reserve Preferencing Interface. 

Lesson Time
Introduction and Welcome 1:35
Lesson 01 - Adding a Preference
Lesson 02 - Standby vs. Co-Terminal (difference between them) 1:37
Lesson 03 - Overview of Criteria Types 4:45
Lesson 04 - How to Edit or Delete Criteria 1:54
Lesson 05 - Preferences and Criteria in the Award Process 1:20
Lesson 06 - Daily Vs Standing Preferences 2:52
Lesson 07 - Pay Close Attention to What You Select! 2:30
Lesson 08 - About the 'Award' Dropdown Menu
Lesson 09 - How to Properly Logout 1:34
Conclusion and Computer/Browser Requirements 1:30