Why AFA?

AFA is Flight Attendants


AFA is the real voice for Flight Attendants because we are all about Flight Attendants.

AFA is the real voice for Flight Attendants because we are all about Flight Attendants.

AFA is Democratic – Our union is run by Flight Attendants who are elected by Flight Attendants. We decide what issues are important to us as Flight Attendants, and then we work with AFA’s dedicated, professional staff to take on those issues.

AFA knows Flight Attendant IssuesAFA knows Flight Attendant Issues – Flight Attendant issues are our issues; no distractions, no learning curve, because we are Flight Attendants. Over the years, AFA’s focus on Flight Attendant issues has proved to be a success. Flight Attendants in AFA worked together and essentially eliminated rampant, illegal discrimination around the industry, ending practices like the no-marriage rule, mandatory retirement at age 30, the weight requirements. It was AFA that led the fight to demand single rooms on layovers. And, it was AFA that took on the tobacco industry and ended smoking onboard the aircraft. And, recently it has been AFA’s leadership that secured more access to seats on major airlines than any other reciprocal cabin seat agreements, pushed for OSHA protection, and extended the Family Medical Leave Act to cover Flight Attendants.

AFA is the Industry LeaderAFA is the Industry Leader – Other groups may weigh in on an issue; some may even try to claim credit for an accomplishment. But only one group has ever been there consistently, at the forefront of every important issue for Flight Attendants: AFA. Other unions may have an employee assistance program for helping troubled members, but AFA’s EAP was the first peer-based EAP in the industry and has been recognized nationally and internationally as the leader. Other unions may have a safety program, but AFA’s Air Safety, Health and Security program is nationally recognized as the leader, with AFA members serving on more NTSB accident review panels than many of the NTSB’s own investigators. AFA has award-winning communications programs, highly experienced professional negotiators, and aggressive in-house attorneys. AFA’s trademarked CHAOS™ campaign strategy created new leverage for all airline workers and has helped us negotiate some of the industry’s best contracts.

AFA Built our Flight Attendant Profession – AFA is the union that has stood with Flight Attendants from the beginning. When the first Flight Attendants organized a union, they created an organization that grew into AFA. That union grew and grew, and today represents about 50,000 Flight Attendants at 21 airlines, making AFA the largest and most experienced union of Flight Attendants in the world.

AFA is You and Me – Flight Attendants feel at home in AFA because we are all colleagues in a shared profession. We all bring our shared experience and together we find solutions that work for Flight Attendants. We are all Flight Attendants doing what we do best – working together. That’s not something we just do on the aircraft; we work together within AFA. Together we can do better.

AFA is You and Me

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