TA Comprehensive Summary

Date: July 2, 2016
Type: AFA Article

Dear Fellow Flight Attendants:

As the elected leaders representing all 25,000 United Flight Attendants, we stand behind the Tentative Agreement and unanimously approved submitting it to AFA members for ratification. With your approval, our Flight Attendant contract will set new industry standards that push our careers forward as United Airlines seeks to restore our premiere status in the industry.

Review this comprehensive summary of the terms of our Tentative Agreement. We know there will be many questions and the summary will need to be supplemented with further explanation. We will answer your questions each day in addition to providing you with the full language of the Tentative Agreement.

The JNC continues to review the hundreds of pages of full contract language that has been written over the course of the negotiations. This is unlike any other contract negotiations as we put three contracts together for the foundation that will shape our careers going forward. It is critical that the correct language be posted for the on-going protection of our contractual rights. The full language of the Tentative Agreement will be posted by July 11, 2016.

A series of JNC Information Sessions will begin on July 11th as well, including a live Webcast scheduled for July 13th at 1100 Eastern. There will also be Local Council meetings for review of the Tentative Agreement. Every day additional information tools will be posted on OurContract.org. We will answer all of your questions and provide you with all of the information necessary to cast an informed vote.

Make sure you are signed up for updates on OurContract.org and take the time necessary to review all of the information and get all of your questions answered. Flight Attendants deserve a joint collective bargaining agreement to obtain all of the benefits of a fully integrated airline and which reflects our hard work on the frontline of United Airlines. Now is the time to move forward. We are stronger and better together.

In Solidarity,

The AFA-CWA United Airlines JNC and Joint CAL/CMI/UAL MEC


Comprehensive TA Summary

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