Protected From Invasive Screening

AFA Secures Safety Professional Status for Flight Attendants

Flight Attendants will not have to endure invasive screening to board their aircraft after AFA interceded with TSA.

The security agency agreed with AFA that Flight Attendants, like pilots, are security personnel themselves, and should not be subjected to advanced imaging technology full-body scanners, pat-downs or other intrusive searches as we prepare to do our jobs.

That’s the case that your union leadership made directly with TSA – that we as Flight Attendants pride ourselves on being in the forefront of the traveling public’s safety. We’re on the same team, working for the security of our passengers and our aircraft.

Advocating For Our Profession

AFA has a long history of advocating for the health and safety of our members, and for the safety and security of our passengers. That is the value of having a union of Flight Attendants, by Flight Attendants and for Flight Attendants.

We can be proud that our union went to bat for us – and for every Flight Attendant, including our sisters and brothers at Continental. Fortunately, they’ll soon have the chance to vote for AFA representation and thus strengthen our collective advocacy for the profession we love.

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