AFA Initiates Process to Unite All Flight Attendants

Date: January 18, 2011
Type: MEC President Letter

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Together we can do better

A momentous event is upon us.  Today, we, your elected leadership of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, unanimously adopted a resolution to petition the National Mediation Board (NMB) to declare that the United/Continental merger has created a single carrier. This will trigger a Union representation election at the new United Airlines, an important first step that will allow the combined Flight Attendant workforce to join as one Union, AFA. Our strength is in our unity. Together we can make the most out of the opportunities created by the merger of United and Continental Airlines.


We filed the application with the NMB after careful analysis with our attorneys and professional staff. While the application of the factors – such as integrated labor and personnel operations; combined management, corporate officers and board of directors; common ownership - can be somewhat subjective, we believe United meets the criteria for a single carrier determination. Therefore, we did not want to wait a single day after reaching this conclusion to take this action that ignites great promise for our future.


This merger and the extraordinary financial turnaround underway at United are only possible because Flight Attendants at both airlines have invested hard work and sacrifices over the years. Management must know that we are unified, and that we expect the best for Flight Attendants.


“Management must know that we are unified, and that we expect the best for Flight Attendants.”

The NMB will first investigate the single carrier issue, and once the agency declares United is a single carrier an election will be triggered. The process will play out over a period of about 90 days.

  • Don't wait until your voting instructions arrive; prepare for the vote now.
  • Make sure the address you have on file with United is updated as this is the address the NMB will use to send your balloting instructions.
  • Talk with our coworkers, and reach out to our flying partners at Continental.

A vote for AFA will send a powerful message to management that we are unified and committed to achieving an industry-leading Contract that reflects the value we bring to our airline. We are focused on our future.


With a spirit of determination and the strength of our convictions we move forward together as a strong community of Flight Attendants. Where management seeks to divide us, we will stand together. Where outsiders threaten to sidetrack us, we will remain focused, and, wherever Flight Attendant issues are at stake, we will stand together. The time has come for us to stand up and fight for a strong Union of Flight Attendants: Together We Can Do Better.

In Solidarity,

The United Master Executive Council

Ken Diaz
JFK Council 5 President
Ronn Brunelle
LHR Council 7 President
TJ Sesko
ORD Council 8 President
Ken Kyle
DEN Council 9
Diane Tucker
SEA Council 10
Chris Black
SFO Council 11
Darren Shiroma
LAX Council 12
Ed Kalahiki
HNL Council 14
Merv Gordon
FRA Council 20
Andreas Curlee
DCA Council 21
Jay Groth
LAS Council 25
Jack Kande
HKG Council 26
Andrew Fahy
BOS Council 27
Rick Gonzalez
NRT Council 38
Greg Davidowitch 
Linda F. Farrow
Vice President
Jeff W. Heisey

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