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Checking Your Pay

DFAP - Display Flight Attendant Pay Record

To display your payfile for the month, type DFAP into Unimatic and press ENTER.  The entry will bring up the following display:


After entering the requested information, you may view and/or print your payfile for the month.  To view your payfile leave the PRINT field blank.  To print your payfile enter a P or a print symbol in the print field.

How to Read your DFAP

  1. The first line of the DFAP repeats the line number, domicile, month requested, file number and last name with first initial.
  2. The second line shows the guarantee, minimum and projected flight time for the month and cumulative projected flight time.
  3. The third line contains the column headings for the pay record or DFAP.

DFAP/ 0036B/DCA / 10/ 123456/ SMITH,B
GAR  7314  MIN  7100  FTM  7314


CERT# - This column represents the Certification Number and contains a five digit code.

ASMT – Represents assignment and contains one of the following: ID number or monthly status.

DT – Column represents the date.

TD – Column represents total days.

SKED – Represents scheduled time.

TUS – Column represents time under schedule and contains time for flights that operate under scheduled flight time.

DHCR   – Column represents deadhead credit and contains time spent deadheading in an ID.

FTCR – Column represents flight time credit and contains time that is credited for an ID that is not actual flying time.

ACTL – Column represents actual and contains the actual flight time flown in an ID.

TOTL – Column represents total and contains the total flight time to be paid for the activity posted.
(Note: if you add your TUS, DHCR, FTCR, and ACTL horizontally, it should equal the amount in TOTL column).

NITE – Represents night and contains the amount of time eligible for night pay in an ID.

EXPNS – Represents expenses and contains the amount in dollars and cents of expense money associated with the activity being posted.

POSTING# - Column represents posting number and contains a reference number.
(Note: an asterick (*) appearing before a posting number indicates that the posting has been voided)

The first number in the code represents pay status for receiving premium pay or not:
4 = No Premium Pay
5 = Main Deck First Class G Galley Position or Lower Deck C or D position on a B-747
6 = Lower Deck Galley C Position on a DC-10
7 = Narrow Body Purser
8 = Wide Body Aft Purser
9 = Wide Body Purser

The second number in the code represents work status for the month:
1 = Domestic Lineholder
2 = Domestic Reserve
3 = International Lineholder
4 = International Reserve

The last three digits in the CERT# column indicate the type of activity posted.  The following is a list of these codes and the type of activity they indicate in numerical order:

010 Status for the full month 127 Make-up AFA current month
011 Mid-month status change (RSV move-up) 131 ONSL, ENSL (sick leave with schedule purser pay)
021 Critical coverage 132 Guaranteed personal time off (GWOP or PTO)
023 Standby Reserve (ONSB) 133 Occupational sick leave with schedule purser pay
025 Miscellaneous credit time (one for three after four) 135 Vacation day at a time (DAT)
026 Unavailability DNF (did not fly) or LOA (Leave of Absence) 137 Maternity Sick leave with purser pay
027 AFA (trip dropped for Union business) 145 Extended duty time (5 for 1 pay)
028 Call (2- hour callout pay) 153 Jury Duty (authorized)
030 SPL (trip dropped for special assignment) 161 Holiday pay at training rate
031 Non-occupational sick leave (ONSL or ENSL) 166 Make-up sick leave previous month
032 ANP Authorized time off – no pay 167 Holding time with premium purser pay
033 Occupational sick leave 169 Drafting Incentive
035 Vacation 170 Premium Purser Pay
037 Maternity sick leave 173 Parking Expenses
038 Scheduling Error 179 Language Incentive pay (LIP)
047 Understaffing 227 Make-up AFA one month prior
048 Training on an unassigned day 232 Unpaid portion of ID with day-at-a-time vacation
049 Publicity assignment 245 Operational Reliability Incentive
050 Training on an assigned day 266 Make-up sick leave 2 months prior
051 Working FAM trip (OJT for scheduled Flight Attendant) 270 SAFA premium (for accrual only)
052 Familiarization trip for trainee 279 Holing with language designated
053 Paid absence (ABS) 327 Make-up AFA two months prior
061 Holiday Pay 332 Military ANP
063 ICO, MAC, & CRAF pay protection 370 SAFA premium purser (for accrual only)
064 Displacement 379 Holding with language incentive
066 Make-up Sick Leave current month 432 Jury Duty (not authorized)
067 Holding time 470 Premium guarantee
069 Drafting 471 Premium guarantee purser
070 Premium Pay 800 Flying assignment worked
073 Expenses 810 Scheduled ID (trip guarantee)
079 Language designated 999 Mid-month transfer
121 Critical Coverage (time and half )    

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