United MEC Government Affairs Committee Update

Date: August 30, 2012
Type: Report

This November American voters will chose between a pro-worker agenda that strengthens the middle class and preserves our rights as Union members or a corporate backed agenda designed to line the pockets of the 1%, furthering the all out assault on workers rights to organize, join Unions and bargain collectively. These contrasting agendas illustrate the importance of the choices a president makes when appointing cabinet secretaries, administration officials and federal judges.   With this critical election less than 75 days away, it has never been more important for Flight Attendants to make their voices heard. 

There is no right more fundamental than the right to vote in our democracy. Voting is the foundation of all of our other rights. The first step to exercising this most fundamental right is to ensure that eligible voters are registered. The next step is to ensure that Flight Attendants are familiar with the options available for absentee and early voting. It is essential for Local Councils to take an active role in ensuring that Flight Attendants around the globe have the information needed to cast a ballot this November.    


Know the registration deadline:   Most states require citizens to register 15 to 30 days before the federal election. A complete list of voter registration deadlines by state is included with this report. Flight Attendants can register by filling out their state’s registration form or the National Mail Voter Registration Form which can be downloaded at www.eac.gov     Flight Attendants residing overseas should register by filling out the Federal Post Card Application, which is available at www.fvap.gov. This form should be submitted at least 45 days before the election. 

Follow registration instructions carefully: It is important that registration forms are filled in completely and legibly. If critical information is missing, such as a signature or address, a form could be rejected. 

Those who have moved should update their registration: Any time a voter moves they must reregister with their new elections board. 

Confirm registration with elections office: Flight Attendants who have registered/reregistered this election cycle, and did not receive an official confirmation, should call their local elections office to confirm they are in fact registered. It is important to do this before the state’s registration deadline to ensure there is time to reregister, if necessary. Contact information for state election offices can be found at www.canivote.org 

Requesting an absentee ballot: Due to the nature of our schedules, Flight Attendants are eligible, in most states, to vote by absentee ballot. Flight Attendants may request an absentee ballot by contacting their local county or city election official. A request for an absentee ballot may be made in-person, by mail, by phone or by FAX, depending on where a Flight Attendants lives. An application for an absentee ballot may also be downloaded through the League of Women Voters at www.vote411.org or through www.longdistancevoter.org. Applications for absentee ballots for several states will also be provided at our voter registration/information tables. 

What is early voting: To help people who cannot make it to the polls on Election Day, a number of states offer Early Voting. This is different form absentee voting because you have to actually go somewhere to vote, but you can do it a few weeks early. Usually the local government will set up certain times and locations for Early Voting. 


Earlier this month, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney named Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) the Chairman of the House Budget Committee and a major voice on policy in the Republican Party, as his running mate. As a leader of the House Republicans, Representative Ryan has led the relentless, ideological battle for budget-busting policies that punish the middle class. 

Best known as the architect of the Republican budget which ends Medicare as we know it, calls for deep cuts in education, college scholarships, critical scientific research, job training and clean energy investments, Representative Ryan also sponsored a constitutional amendment to ban marriage equality, voted against the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and voted against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. 


FlightPAC is AFA’s Political Action Committee and was established to formalize our organized political power. Through voluntary contributions to FlightPAC, AFA Members help financially support the campaigns of our allies and friends in Congress. FlightPAC gives support to candidates who are committed to helping us accomplish our legislative goals. 

FlightPAC is non-partisan. When it comes to endorsing members of Congress who are supportive of our legislative goals, party affiliation is irrelevant. What is relevant is the candidate’s commitment to Flight Attendants, aviation and labor issues. While it often seems that FlightPAC gives to more Democrats than Republicans, it is only because more Democrats support our issues. 

FlightPAC endorsements are made by AFA’s FlightPAC Steering Committee, made up of AFA International Officers and the AFA Political/Legislative Policy Committee. A contribution to a candidate’s campaign is made after a thorough examination of the candidates completed FlightPAC questionnaire. The questionnaire is sent to the candidate by request. 

If you are not currently a FlightPAC contributor, please consider enrolling today. A FlightPAC enrollment form can be downloaded from our web site.

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