TAKE ACTION: Stop Toxic Fumes Onboard

Date: August 28, 2019
Type: AFA Article

MEC Government Affairs Committee

Our workspace is the public’s travel space and, in that space, today, crews and passengers are breathing toxins and it has to stop.

Call your Representative and Senators today and tell them to cosponsor the Cabin Air Safety Act. The House bill is H.R. 2208 and the Senate bill is S. 1112.

Call Your Representative: 866-937-4359
Call Your Senators: 877-750-7411

“Hi, my name is_________. As a constituent and a Flight Attendant, I am calling to ask you to cosponsor the Cabin Air Safety Act of 2019. Flight Attendants and passengers can be exposed to toxic fumes in the cabin. We need the FAA to intervene and implement protections. Support clean air onboard for passengers and Flight Attendants!”

Make sure to share this with your flying partners! Read more >

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