Ken Diaz, MEC President

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Ken Diaz

Ken Diaz

Ken Diaz began his airline career in 1983 with People Express Airlines working in the Accounting Department and as a Flight Attendant. He went on to work as a Flight Attendant for Continental Airlines and Carnival Airlines just before being hired with United Airlines in June of 1998.

Shortly after 9/11 Ken became involved in lobbying Congress for mandatory Security Training for Flight Attendants. He became Government Affairs Chairperson for Newark Council 6 shortly thereafter. He went on to become Grievance Chairperson as well as being elected Newark Local Council 6 Secretary in 2005. 

After United closed the Newark domicile, Ken transferred to JFK. Ken became trained as an EAP Representative and Occupational/Benefits Committee Member.  In February 2008, Ken was elected as Local Council President for Council 5 and was elected for his second term of office in 2011.  Ken also was a Member of our Negotiating Committee who successfully negotiated our 2012-2016 Flight Attendant Agreement during Expedited Negotiations.  

Ken has served on the AFA International Legislative/Policy Committee and currently serves on the AFA International Organizing and Ethical Practices Committees.

MEC President Letters

MEC President's Letter - We Will Never Forget

MEC President's Letter - We Will Never Forget

Focus on Us!

Our country is in the midst of an exciting surge in the Labor Movement. Workers from Starbucks, Amazon, REI, Apple, and Delta (just to name a few) are coming together and organizing to demand better working conditions and compensation.

MEC OFFICER LETTER - Reducing Call Wait Times with a Focus on Us!

JUN 03 - As our efforts to support you in the operation continue, and to better support tracking of long call/chat wait times, we’ve developed a Call Wait Times reporting form that is designed to help you quickly and concisely report issues related to call/chat wait times.

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