Upcoming Spring 2017 Regular Meeting of the United Master Executive Council – April 11-13, 2017

Date: April 7, 2017
Type: AFA Article

Next week, your Locally Elected Leaders will attend the Spring 2017 Regular Meeting of the United Master Executive Council (MEC) from April 11 through April 13, 2017.  This meeting is held in Chicago at the Hyatt Rosemont, 6350 N. River Road Rosemont, IL 60018. At this upcoming meeting, the AFA United MEC Officers and many Committees will provide updates on issues they have been working on since our last regular scheduled meeting. Also, elections for MEC Officers and MEC Committee positions will be conducted.  Election information, including qualifications, responsibilities, and candidates who have put their willingness to serve for each position, is available on the MEC Election Page of our website.

Our AFA structure is successful because the Flight Attendant Membership based at the location elects their Local Executive Council (LEC) leadership from among their peers.  These are the leaders who are based where you work and who are elected to represent the interests of the Local Council.  Once elected, these are the individuals to whom you express your concerns, present problems or questions, present suggestions for improvements within our Union or from whom you seek assistance in resolving day-to-day problems.

At each airline, the Master Executive Council (MEC) is comprised of the Local Council Presidents from each of the Local Councils and is the Union’s governing body for that airline.  The Master Executive Council works on behalf of the entire Membership at the airline to advance the collective priorities for all the Flight Attendants at the airline.  An integral component in advancing issues for the collective Membership at the airline is the work of the Committee Members who are specialists in a variety of fields.  Committee Members work at the direction of the Master Executive Council Officers and are elected by the Local Council Presidents with input from you.

We encourage each of our Members to see our democratic process in action by attending your Local Council meetings and, if you are in the Chicago area, the MEC Meeting.  Scheduled dates and times for your Local Council meeting and the MEC Meeting agenda are posted on our website.

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