UAX Deadhead: Final Segment of ID

Date: August 8, 2014
Type: AFA Article

As we reported in Dear AFA on March 20, 2013, a problem was identified with Unimatic failing to update IDs where the last segment of the ID contains a deadhead segment on United Express (UAX). The company assured us the problem was resolved.  Recently a few recurrences of these issues have been reported.  We are discussing the issue with the company and will give you an update when the problem is identified and a resolution is proposed.

Until this issue is completely resolved we remind you to double check your DFAPs and IDs to ensure they have been updated with the correct departure and arrival times for the Express flight segments.  Review your ID with United’s actual flight schedules.  If you notice this has not been recorded correctly in your ID, call Crew Scheduling to ensure your ID is corrected with the actual fight times and send a copy to your Local Council. 

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