Aircraft Schedule Changes Drive Revisions to Some April LOFs

Date: March 24, 2014
Type: AFA Article

We have received a number of questions from Flight Attendants regarding the sudden appearance of GUAR in their April Lines of Flying, especially when it appears that several of the flights are still operating.

The United MEC Central Schedule Committee met with representatives from the company today, to review the changes which were made to the April aircraft schedule after schedules were awarded.   As we understand it from the company, and for maintenance reasons, the company elected to remove some 737 aircraft at both subsidiaries from the April schedule, for use as “spares."

As a result of the removal of these aircraft, there were approximately 330 IDs that were impacted on multiple days, affecting every domestic domicile across the schedule month.  Of these 330 IDs, 250 IDs were repaired through the use of a deadhead segment to complete the balance of the flying scheduled in the ID.  Of these 250 IDs, a smaller number also involve a change to the first (originating) segment of the ID, which will affect the report time of the Flight Attendants to whom they are assigned.  The company will be generating new ID numbers for these affected IDs, which will create a CSCN, which will be placed in the mail file of the affected Flight Attendants, to alert them to these changes.  In addition, the change to an 8000 series ID number, which will appear in the Flight Attendant's Line of Flying (DSPLOF), will alert the Flight Attendant that there has been some change to the ID.

The flight numbers of the affected flights will not change and will consist of four digits.  They will however, operate with pre-merger Continental assigned aircraft.

The remaining approximately 70 IDs were not able to be repaired by deadheading, because the changes affected multiple segments in the ID.  The contents of these IDs were returned to the optimizer and new IDs were constructed using these “pieces.”  These new IDs will be used for the reassignments that will be made under Section 9.B. of our Contract, and some Flight Attendants will see GUAR in their lines until they are reassigned to a replacement ID.  The MEC Central Schedule Committee reviewed this new flying today, and made our customary recommendations to the company for changes to these IDs.  We expect that replacement IDs will be placed in lines within the next few days.  In some cases, based on the cost effectiveness of the newly created flying, this may create additional flying at some locations and less at others.

As a reminder, Section 9.B. of our Contract provides for:

  1. Flight Attendants schedules may be revised during the month if changes are made in aircraft scheduling or if IDs are assigned from or to another domicile after the lines of flying have been posted and/or awarded, provided the new ID  be for the same number of days or less than the originally scheduled IDs.

  2. When scheduled are revised without rebidding, as in this circumstance, the revisions will take into consideration the Flight Attendants’ previous schedules.

We continue to work with United Crew Schedule Planning to expedite the process by which these repairs to your April schedules will be made.  Your patience is appreciated as we work through this process as provided for under the terms of our Contract.

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