United Implements NRPS for JFK, IAD, DCA/IAD and BOS

Date: January 21, 2014
Type: AFA Article

Severe weather is once again has rolled through the mid-west and is now creating a severe weather storm on the East Coast impacting United’s operations. 

United announced in todays Inflight Services Scheduling Alert, that they are implementing NRPS travel for Flight Attendants traveling to work in JFK, IAD, DCA and BOS. 

Travel is to your domicile, to work a trip today through Wednesday January 22, 2014.

Instructions for listing for Positive space travel may be found on Flying Together >> Travel [Top Menu] >> Positive Space Business Travel, and are similar to those used when booking travel to training. Once you list for the flight on which you wish to travel, your PNR needs to be authorized in order to complete the ticketing process as well as for check-in and seat selection.

To have your PNR authorized please contact your domicile duty desk and provide your confirmation number:

  • BOS: contact the duty desk at 617-634-7660
  • JFK : contact the domicile duty desk at 718-632-1395
  • DCA/IAD: contact the domicile duty desk at 703-661-8577

If you have any questions or concerns please contact your domicile supervisor.

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