Working Crew Holiday Buddy Travel

Date: November 13, 2015
Type: AFA Article

Flight Attendants who are working crew members will have the ability to travel with up to two people using buddy passes who will travel at the Flight Attendant’s personal pass classification. This applies to both the domestic and international travel and is available over two periods. 

  • Beginning November 22, 2015, and ending on/before midnight December 3, 2015
  • Beginning December 18, 2015, and ending on/before midnight January 5, 2016

When creating your reservation through United's employeeRes, remember to check the "traveling with working crew member" box to be sure your "buddies" are booked at the correct pass classification. You are required to notify the gate agent in person when your "buddy" accompanies you at the city where they are boarded and at a connecting city with an aircraft change. If seats are not available, the "buddies" will travel at the unaccompanied classification on the next available flight on which they can be boarded.

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