Addressing Hotel & Transportation Issues

Date: February 15, 2007

Our layover hotels and transportation are continually reviewed as management seeks reduction in costs throughout the company.  Our efforts to ensure safe, clean, quiet and reliable lodging and transportation are redoubled; like no other time before your TVLLOG reports are critical to our efforts.  Writing TVLLOGs is a very effective tool for dealing with hotel and transportation issues, now more than ever.  As the Company continues to seek reduction in overall costs, we are addressing issues with more hotels that do not measure up to our high standards. 

Writing an Effective TVLLOG
Writing an effective TVLLOG is an important part of communicating your problems to United Airlines and the hotel.  It also provides your advocates on the Hotel & Transportation Committee the necessary tools to resolve any problems we encounter.  

  • Briefly state the facts involved in the incident and try to keep emotions out of your report.
  • Specifics such as room number, names of hotel personnel, inbound flight number, and ID information enable effective research, follow up and resolution on individual TVLLOGs. 
  • Be mindful that the report is a Company document. 

Addressing Issues on Property
If you encounter an adverse situation at a hotel, use your “Flight Attendant demeanor” when dealing with it.  Remain professional and courteous while firmly requesting a resolution from the hotel staff or manager on duty.  Remember that most likely, the person you are dealing with at the hotel is not the decision maker, but is just carrying out orders.  Don’t shoot the messenger.

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