Questions on Process to Return from Voluntary Furlough

Date: November 5, 2014
Type: AFA Article

Our United AFA Local Offices have been receiving a number of calls from those of you scheduled to return from Voluntary Furloughadvising that you’ve not heard from the company regarding the start of the return to work process.

The official recall letter from the company advised each Flight Attendant of four return to work actions that were required.   The first action relates to the criminal history record check (CHRC) and badging, the second to medical clearance, the third to the scheduling of training and fourth, the requirement to provide documentation of your full legal name as it appears on your passport, birth certificate or marriage certificate.

This September 15th communication from management provides you with an outline of the actions that are to be taken, the timeframe in which these actions should be completed and information on who initiates the process.  For example, Staffing Administration will contact you to begin the return to work process.

Those expressing an interest in the 2014 Enhanced Early Out Program are not to begin the return to work process until the award has been posted and it is determined if you have been awarded an early out.

Beginning on November 13, 2014 Flight Attendants returning from Voluntary Furlough can call FLTLINE (option 4,2) to learn about individual training needs and dates of the available classes for which you can volunteer to attend.  If you do not volunteer by November 16, 2014 you will be assigned a training date for December on November 17th starting at 0830 Central Time.

Your return to work letter also provided specific information regarding Passport, Visa and other flying qualification updates.  We encourage you to review the Return from Voluntary Furlough Packet which is available from our website.  If you have additional questions, please contact your domicile supervisor for assistance.

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