This information is no longer current - it is for reference only. It is an archive review of events that took place during United Airline's Chapter 11 Bankruptcy from December 9, 2002 - February 1, 2006.

Our Pension Fight: Legislative Track

Legislative Update

"It shouldn't take an act of Congress to ensure a workers' retirement, but unfortunately due to the belligerence of United Airlines management, it does."
                           -- MEC President Greg Davidowitch

We can be proud of our legislative efforts led by MEC Government Affairs Chairperson Debbie Golombek. Accomplishments:

  • Won bipartisan vote in the House on June 24, 2005 in favor of the Miller HR 3010 amendment that, if passed in the Senate, would prohibit the use of federal funds for PBGC termination of pensions.
  • 115 bipartisan House co-signers on HR 2327 for a six month moratorium, introduced by Congressman George Miller (D-CA) in the House and Senator Kennedy (D-MA) in the Senate, on PBGC plan terminations to provide time for us to seek a legal appeal and for Congress to create good pension policy.
  • The California State Legislature passed resolutions (State Assembly and State Senate) in support of federal legislation to protect our hard-earned retirement benefits.

Flight Attendants have been very successful in educating Congress and gaining lawmaker support for restoration of the Flight Attendant Pension Plan. AFA continues to communicate with lawmakers regularly as we seek legislative resolution to restore the Flight Attendant Pension Plan and stop the dangerous precedent United Airlines and the PBGC set for American workers' retirement security. 

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