Dear AFA Recording: Feb 03, 2015

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  • Contractual Pay Increases
  • Layover Safety
  • Support United Flight Attendants – The CAUSE Foundation
  • Confirm Your E-Lines Email Address
Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to Dear AFA. We are a democratic, Member driven Union of Flight Attendants for Flight Attendants. Today is Tuesday, February 3, 2015.

Contractual Pay Increases
As we approach the third year anniversary of the ratification of our 2012-2016 Agreement, we can look forward to the hourly rate of pay (Section 5.A.1. and Section 5.A.2.) increases which become effective on February 28, 2015 for the March schedule month. 

If you have any further questions please contact your Local Council.

Layover Safety
We often consider activity onboard the aircraft when reviewing safety and security procedures, but personal safety at layover locations should also be at the forefront of safety in our work environment.  Please review the following hotel safety guidelines:

  • Do not mention room numbers in the presence of other hotel guests and request hotel staff not to announce your room number.
  • Do not “check-in” or post layover hotel locations on any social media network.
  • Insist that the crew sign-in sheet be kept in a secure place.
  • Try to have rooms assigned close to other crewmembers, when possible.
  • Prior to closing the room door, check your room with a fellow crewmember and use your suitcase to prop the door open.
  • When you are alone on the layover, you might consider requesting hotel security or other staff to escort you to your room and wait while you inspect the entire room.
  • Check closets, under beds, behind drapes and the bath. Ensure the phone is working and you can directly dial 911 or other emergency number, if needed and it’s locally available.
  • Take note of the number of fire exits, where they are located and if re-entry is possible from floor to floor.
  • Once inside the room and the door is closed, use all available door and window locks.
  • While at the layover hotel, keep personal luggage in your possession or secured at all times.  Leave valuables at home or place them in the hotel safe.
  • Place your room key and your flashlight at your bedside and keep in mind that we stay in some areas subject to earthquakes and tornadoes so review available hotel emergency procedures.
  • Verify with the front desk the identity of anyone at your room door, including room service, before allowing them inside.

Addressing our layover safety and security is the number one priority for our United MEC Hotel and Transportation Committee.  If you experience an incident that compromises your safety, be sure to document the event through TVLLOG in Unimatic so that AFA has the necessary data to address and resolve the situation as soon as possible and remember if need contact the local authorities. 

Support United Flight Attendants – The CAUSE Foundation
Since their inception, The CAUSE Foundation®, have helped numerous United Airlines Flight Attendants with a combined grant total equal to more than 5.2 million dollars, all donated by fellow United Flight Attendants.  

Recently United management announced they would no longer supports any new payroll deduction requests for the CAUSE Foundation or any work group specific assistance funds.  In order for the CAUSE Foundation® to continue their goal of providing financial assistance to all United Flight Attendants they have made it possible for those wishing to donate a reoccurring monthly donation and/or a one-time donation by visiting their website. You can set up your life changing donation by visiting and select Donate Now from the menu.

Confirm Your E-Lines Email Address
The United AFA Communication Committee is in the process of upgrading the newsletter system to a more reliable, faster and more economical server. In preparation for this upgrade we require all current subscribers to E-Lines to verify and update their information in order to receive the E-Lines Newsletter after the relocation has occurred.

In addition to the E-Lines Newsletter upgrade we have added a Text Message feature.  This feature will ensure that the United MEC is able to convey very important information to our Members as quickly as we receive it.  The system will be utilized on an occasional basis and only to communicate time sensitive information.  Some situations where a text message might be sent would be to alert and direct you to important safety and/or security information.  Additionally, we will use the system to communicate breaking Union news items such as reaching a Tentative Agreement (TA) on a Joint Contract.

Verifying your information is quick and simple. Please visit our website for instructions. Once you have provided the information you will be all set for the transition. The relocation is scheduled to take place March 3, 2015 with the new E-Lines newsletter.  If you have not verified your information by the March 3, 2015 deadline you will no longer receive the E-lines newsletter. 

That’s all for tonight and thank you for calling.

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