Dear AFA Recording: Jan 30, 2015

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  • 2014 Per Diem Reports Available
  • Semi-Annual System Seniority List Posted
  • Using Self-Help for Hotel and Transportation
  • When Bed Bugs Visit
  • FAOM Revision #13 - Effective February 1
  • United MEC Winter Meeting Concluded
  • Industry Update:  Airline Industry 2014 Financial Results

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to Dear AFA. We are a democratic, Member driven Union of Flight Attendants for Flight Attendants. Today is Friday, January 30, 2015.

2014 Per Diem Reports Available
This week the company posted our 2014 per diem reports on Flying Together. Again this year for active employees United will not be providing a printed copy of these reports. Per diem report can be found on the My Info/All About Me page under Payroll with your Crew Statement of Earnings and Pay Advice statements.  For our Members who have left the employ of the company through resignation or retirement, the company will be mailing these per diem reports to the address United has on file.

Semi-Annual System Seniority List Posted
On January 8, 2015 United posted our Contractual semi-annual Flight Attendant System Seniority List; consistent with the requirements of Section 17.C. of our Contract.  The list is posted in all domiciles and on the company’s Flying Together website.

Our Contract provides for a review period of a maximum of thirty (30) days from the date of the announcement is made that the list is available for Flight Attendants perusal in which to protest any alleged omission or error affecting your seniority. The review period for Flight Attendants who are on vacation, leave of absence or sick leave must be completed within thirty (30) days of returning to flight duty.

If you have any questions please contact your Local Council.

Using Self-Help for Hotel and Transportation
When is it appropriate to use self-help for hotel and transportation issues? We have listed a few examples of both transportation and hotel issues that could occur. 

Transportation:  Under Section 6.C.4.c. of our Contract it requires layover hotel-operated transportation to collect Flight Attendants within 35 minutes of block arrival. It also states that if transportation is contracted independently (“public limousine service” – in other words not the hotel van), the cut-off time is 45 minutes after block arrival.  If your transportation does not arrive and you have tried to contact the hotel or the transportation company and the situation cannot be resolved you have the ability to use self help.

Hotel:  Another time you may use Self-Help may be no hot or cold water, no power, no heat or air conditioning, broken door locks, bugs or vermin of any kind in your room, no food availability whatsoever, noise that prohibits legal rest or any situation that threatens your safety or well-being.  In addition, if you arrive, as a result of irregular operations, in a city where a hotel was not planned but becomes necessary, you may find yourself needing to use these procedures.

If you encounter these or similar issues, take the following action to correct your experience:

  1. Calmly attempt to resolve the issue with the people providing the services – the hotel or transportation company.  Always ask to speak to a manager on duty.
  2. If this fails to fix the problem, call the Hotel Desk (FLTLINE, Option 2) and ask for their assistance
  3. If you do not get resolution to your situation through these two avenues, go to another hotel and take a taxi, if necessary.  Ensure that you have the names of hotel and company representatives with whom you’ve spoken.  Get receipts for all of your expenses and submit a company expense report for reimbursement.
  4. Once settled into a different hotel, call Crew Scheduling and let them know where you are.  Be aware that the Hotel Desk is not the Crew Desk.

Don’t be afraid to act in your best interests.  United is responsible for our safety on layovers.  If they do not respond, take care of yourself.  If one of your flying partners is in trouble and doesn’t have the expendable cash or a credit card to take care of it, help them out if you can.

When you return from your trip ask your supervisor for United’s Employee Expense Report form.  In addition to filling out an expense report with receipts attached, write a TVLLOG detailing the names of the persons with whom you’ve spoken at both the hotel and the Hotel Desk.  Make copies for yourself of the TVLLOG, expense report and receipts. If you are not reimbursed promptly, file a Local Council Worksheet and call your Local Council Office for assistance.

Self-help is not only allowable per our Collective Bargaining Agreement; it is strongly recommended you seek self-help to ensure adequate rest and to protect your safety. The AFA MEC Hotel and Transportation Committee meets with United Crew Accommodations monthly, to address problems and seek positive resolution.  Our advocacy is strengthened when problems are documented and trended through your TVLLOG reports.  Help us help you:  use only TVLLOG every time you experience a problem or conversely, a positive experience. 

For help writing an effective TVLLOG please visit our website.

When Bed Bugs Visit
The MEC Hotel and Transportation Committee receives reports from time to time about bed bugs at layover hotels through out the system.  While we are not a receiving more than normal number of reports we wanted to remind everyone that addressing the issue could prevent a larger problem.  Once the Hotel and Transportation Committee receives a report about an infestation they address the issue with the hotel and management.  Remember that Cimex Lectularius, commonly referred to as bed bugs, are not only associated with just one star motels, but could also be found in any sort of establishment including 5 star resorts. If you find that your hotel room is infested by these pests, it is essential that you report the issue immediately to the hotel as well as TVLLOG the incident, remembering to include your specific room number in your report.

The Hotel & Transportation section of our website has a few articles that can help you identify if bed bugs are present as well as what the proper steps are to ensure your safety is addressed.  The names of these articles are How to Check Your Hotel Room for Bed Bugs, and When the Bed Bugs Bite.

FAOM Revision #13 - Effective February 1
FAOM Revision 13 is currently available at your local domicile and has an effective date of February 1, 2015.  Please be sure to take time to review, insert and record Revision 13 into your FAOM prior to the February 1, 2015 effective date.

United MEC Winter Meeting Concluded
On Wednesday, January 28 the Winter 2015 Meeting of the United Master Executive Council concluded at the Hyatt Rosemont.  The United MEC Officers and several MEC Committees presented their reports.  Summaries of the Meeting are available on our website.

Industry Update:  Airline Industry 2014 Financial Results
This month Alaska, American, Delta, JetBlue, Southwest, and United announced their fourth quarter and 2014 full-year results. 

Alaska Airlines reported a fourth quarter net profit, excluding special items, of $125 million, and a full year net income, excluding special items, of $571 million compared to last year’s total net income of $383 million. That is a 49.08 percent increase from 2013.  

American Airlines reported a fourth quarter net profit, excluding net special charges, of $1.1 billion, and a full year net income, excluding net special charges, of $4.2 billion, up 115 percent from 2013 total net profits. 

Delta Air Lines announced a fourth quarter result, excluding special charges, of $1.0 billion, and a full year profit, excluding special charges, of $4.5 billion which is a $1.9 billion increase or 60.71 percent over their 2013 total net profits.

JetBlue reported a total fourth quarter operating income of $169 million, and a $515 million net operating income for the total year of 2014.  This compares to a $428 million dollar profit from 2013, which is a 20.32 percent increase from 2013.

United reported a fourth quarter net profit, excluding special items, of $461 million, and a full year profit, excluding special items, of 1.97 billion.  That is a 79.09 percent increase from 2013. 

Southwest reported a fourth quarter income, excluding special charges, of $404 million, and a total 2014 profit, excluding special charges, of $1.4 billion.  That is a 73.91 percent increase from 2013 and Southwest Airlines 42nd year of consecutive profitability.

That’s all for tonight and thank you for calling.

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