This information is no longer current - it is for reference only. It is an archive review of events that took place during United Airline's Chapter 11 Bankruptcy from December 9, 2002 - February 1, 2006.

Value of Our Flight Attendant Pension Plan

Page updated: May 9, 2005

This video is no longer available and has been archived. If you have any questions, please contact the MEC Office.

May 9, 2005 Correction

In the video "Value of Our Flight Attendant Pension Plan" it was stated that United plans to terminate our pension plan and replace it with a defined contribution plan in which contributions are equal to 3% of flight attendants' pay. Since the video has been released, United has increased the proposed contribution rate from 3% to 4%. While this change would increase our future defined contribution account balances, the replacement plan would still be a significant reduction in our retirement benefits. Based on a 4% contribution rate, the specific examples shown in the video would be:

Name AGE Service Monthly Benefit Current Plan Monthly Benefit Replacement Plan Replacement Percentage
Raul Miller 52 32 $1,728.12 $1,626.51 94%
Raul Miller if age 49 at termination 49 29 $1,943.90 $1,342.14 69%
Robin Gilinger 42 19 $2,184.85 $776.29 36%
Anel Ramirez 31 10 $3,413.18 $1,343.43 39%
New Hire 25 0 $2,101.79 $1,070.40 51%

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