NOTE: This is the original memorial page published several days after Sept 11, 2001.


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I Am So Proud Of Everything You Stood For

I am so proud of everything you stood for. I am proud to wear the same wings you wore.

I returned to work today thinking of you, all of you. I tried not to cry while the passengers were boarding, but felt hot tears; I tried to smile at them, and our passengers smiled back; tried not to let fear taint my thoughts, and I let the routine of our profession carry me through the day. 

We have a difficult journey before us, so many pieces of this puzzle to try and put together again in any kind of semblance of order... fear, war, prejudice, mourning, economics, hope... it has been 2 weeks since and it feels like forever. 

I look at your smiling faces on the website, and I pray you are at peace, I pray your families and friends will gather strength knowing you are remembered and loved as absolute heroes, and I pray we all will make it thru tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow...

It is hard not to feel utterly alone right now, and I am devastated for all of you. I hope this craziness ends soon, and until it does, fly safe, kiss your children, hug your family, and gather strength from each other, airline brothers and sisters. 

May God bless us and watch over us all,

Dawn Steffler, SFOSW

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Other Tributes:

CeeCee LylesCeeCee Lyles

Alfred MarchandAlfred Marchand


Deborah WelshDeborah Welsh

Robert FangmanRobert Fangman

Wanda GreenWanda Green

Alicia TitusAlicia Titus

Sandra Bradshaw

Amy Jarret  Amy Jarret

Lorraine BayLorraine Bay

Kathryn LaBorieKathryn LaBorie


Michael Tarrou and Amy KingMichael Tarrou
and Amy King


May you all rest in eternal peace...



Our Heroes:


Captain: Jason Dahl
First Officer: Leroy Homer
Flight Attendant: Lorraine G. Bay
Flight Attendant: Sandra Bradshaw
Flight Attendant: Wanda A. Green
Flight Attendant: CeeCee Lyles
Flight Attendant: Deborah Welsh

Captain: Victor Saracini
First Officer: Michael Horrocks
Flight Attendant: Robert J. Fangman
Flight Attendant: Amy N. Jarret
Flight Attendant: Amy R. King
Flight Attendant: Kathryn LaBorie
Flight Attendant: Alfred G. Marchand
Flight Attendant: Michael C. Tarrou
Flight Attendant: Alicia N. Titus

Also on UA #175:
Customer Service Representatives:
Marianne MacFarlane
Jesus Sanchez