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The comments below were sent to us on and several days after September 11, 2001.
This section has not been edited nor changed in any way since that time.
It remains as a tribute to our fallen heroes.

During this time of sorrow and tragedy, my prayers are with each of you at United Airlines: May the memories of those dedicated United crewmembers and innocent passengers who lost their lives be eternal. May the love of God comfort and strengthen all surviving United associates in the days ahead.

With Love,

Yanni Kanelakos
United Mileage Plus Premier Passenger & UAL Shareholder

My name is Lance Drew and I am a flight attendant for American Airlines. I am writing to express my sympathy to the families and union brothers and sisters of those heroes who lost their lives on October 11th. Those of us at APFA are grieving for the loss of our co-workers, and are thinking of those of you at UAL, and AFA. You are all in our thoughts and prayers!

Lance Drew
Flight Attendant
American Airlines







Please know that the thoughts and prayers of everyone at Brookhurst, Inc. are with you and your fellow Flight Attendants during this exceptionally difficult time.

September 11th, this day will live in infamy for all of us. Let's take this horrible tragedy and try to do something positive. This is the first time that I can remember all Americans embracing each other. We have all forgotten any of our differences, and are coming to the aid of our fellow Americans. Never again will we take our FREEDOM and life for granted.


I pray for our brother and sisters' families, that they are able to find the strength to get them through this horrible time.

Please know that they are our heroes and they will never be forgotten.

I pray that God give us His strength and His wisdom and I pray that we can go forward.

God Bless Us All.

Dodie Talamante, DENSW

Although the insignia differs, our hearts are united.

Our prayers and sympathies to our flying partners.

Danica Theodorakos
Flight Attendant
US Airways

American Spirit speaks to a terrorist

Like a stone weathers in a stream
Life can be surreal, like in a dream

Death and destruction
What is the purpose?
Death and Destruction
It could be no worse

You've hurt us where it counts
Our homes, heads and hearts
Our National Innocence now gone
Always feeling there is something wrong

It's life being a test
We must simply do our best
Despite the odds we will not rest
Til the perpetrators are under arrest

Why the killing? Why the tragedy?
You celebrate while we commiserate

But there's one thing that you should know
With a bull's-eye's cross bow
Never underestimate the American Spirit
The wise will, in fact, tell you to fear it

It's when our back is against the wall
That we are anything but small

Prepare for your demise
For we will care for you likewise

May God help us all

A. Gullo, MIASW

To All United Flight Attendants and SW staff:

As a former United Flight Attendant, I just want to express my sincere sympathy at this time to all of you. When I heard the news Tuesday morning, all I could keep asking was "Which airline was it?" At the time no one knew yet. When I heard two of the planes were United's I just broke out in tears. I feel so terribly sorry for all the crew members who lost their lives that day, as well as the passengers and all their families.

I cannot imagine what they must have gone through. Even though it has been 7 years since I have flown, I still feel a deep loss whenever there is any type of airline tragedy. But I know you will all stick together and get through this. May God Bless You All..

Debbie Brackney
Former United Flight Attendant

To say that we want to express our sorrow and grief at the recent tragedy, doesn’t seem to even begin to cover what we must all actually feel in our hearts. It is not a single loss we are experiencing or even the tragedy of the loss of an entire crew, it goes tenfold beyond anything we all ever imagined we would experience in our lifetimes.

However inadequate, we wish to share our sympathies and own experience of how our world has been forever changed with the rest of you, and offer support, comfort, and the sharing of our collective anguish. Not one of us will experience this in the same way, each having our own unique experience and pain to draw strength from. The one thing we do all share is our deeply felt sadness and our sense of community, brother and sisterhood.

What we can offer is our time, compassion, efforts, and knowing that we are not alone. Our immediate and primary concern is the health, welfare, and well-being of the crews, relatives, families, and friends of all who have been deeply affected by these events.

Whatever assistance is needed or support provided, be it just a friendly ear, we can provide for each other. As Flight Attendants, we know that an understanding voice is only a phone call away. As a community, we must believe we will persevere and make it through all of this together and though our loss may not be lessened, it can be shared.

May we keep in our hearts and minds forever the memories of our fallen flying partners.

In Solidarity and with Sympathy,

Greg Davidowitch, President
Association of Flight Attendants
Council 5 New York

The past few days have been of total disbelief, now it's becoming terrible hurt and anger.

When someone hurts a crew member, it hurts us all. I feel so much for all the crew that died in the line of duty.

I want to express my deepest sympathy to their families and friends.

Even though I didn't know them, I will not forget them, because as a flight attendant I'm taking this atrocity as a personal attack.

God Bless Them and God Bless their families.

Dimitri Xenos
Senior Flight Attendant
Canada 3000 Airlines

Our thoughts and prayers goes out to families and victims of this tragedy.

For my flying partners out there, take care and fly safe. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

Joanne Sityan-Smith
UAL Flight Attendant

I am a 9 year TWA and currently 3 year American Airlines Flight Attendant. Our thoughts and sorrow for the fallen United employees is strongly felt by my peers. We are thinking of you as we mourn our own losses. The competitive intensity of our industry can never take from that which we all have in common. We are all aviators. We are one family. We at American grieve for the United Airlines family.


Chris Berger
Flight Attendant
American Airlines

My heart aches for all those who have lost their lives on September 11, 2001 and even more so at just the thought of knowing that part of the United's family was involved in this horrible tragedy. I only hope that we as flight attendants don't give into the "fearing" that these terrible people want us to feel. Yes it's scary of the thought but we ought to stand United and proud to do what we do because after all, if we're not thinking safe how can we be safe. We are still Safety Professionals . I will continue to pray for our lost Flight Attendants and for all of the one's still out on the line. God Bless....

Claudia Hacegaba, LAXSW

God Bless all. My heart is heavy with pain and not understanding. You are in my prayers.

Jennifer Crum, LHRSW

For God has not given me a spirit of fear but of power and love and a sound mind" may God grant the friends and family of those lost the grace to endure the hardship they suffer. Through it all may they find peace

Flight Attendant
Air Jamaica

To the (non-airline employee) friends and family of those flying partners we've lost in Tuesday's tragic events:

Words cannot express the grief we all feel at the loss of our comrades. Our hearts break for you all at the thought of what you must be going through.

Please do not ever think "If only they hadn't joined The Airlines".

I have a story to tell. I hope it's appropriate.

At some point in the 1960's, before I was born, and back in the heyday of 'stewardesses', my aunt desperately wanted to become a flight attendant. My grandfather vehemently objected, fearing for her safety. He forbade her to join the airlines, instead buying her fancy new car to appease her.

She never became a stewardess. She died in horrific car accident in her fancy new car shortly after receiving it.

Tragedies come in all forms. Your loved ones died doing what they loved and were so proud to do; what so many only dream about- working as flight crew and spending their days among the clouds.

They are still out there, among the clouds, but as angels now. They are with us in spirit, and will remain in our hearts forever.

God Bless.

Nicole Regne, EWRSW

To Wanda Green's family and loved ones. I flew frequently with Wanda while based in Newark from 1986 thru 1991..she was such a pleasure to work with as a co-worker and even more than that she was such a wonderful person. Her loss is felt greatly by all of us and we will miss her smiling face... may God be with all of you in these difficult times..

Karen Massey, LAXSW

To the family of Katheryn (Schultz) Laborie:

My deepest and heartfelt sympathies go out to you as you mourn the loss of the beautiful woman that was Katheryn.  She was my roommate in Chicago during initial flight attendant training for United Airlines, and I remember her fondly.

She shared with me her long time desire to be a flight attendant and was so thrilled to finally be attaining that dream. I remember her as a woman full of life and vigor, always willing to help another and turn a negative situation into a positive one. She will live on in my memories and in my heart. During this time of terrible loss for you, may you know that there are others in the world who will remember her with love and she will live on in our hearts.

I will carry a small piece of Katheryn with me in my heart, remembering her and the ultimate sacrifice she made.

With deepest sympathy and love,

Gwendolyn "Wendy" Siefert Webb

I have always enjoyed working with you, my fellow employees and eyes in the cabin. I always look forward to your visits up to the cockpit even if it is just to ask for a temperature adjustment or a reading light write up. You help me enjoy my work every time. I will greatly miss our fallen flight attendants. I am not sure if I have ever flown with any of the flight attendants of this tragic, and horrific crime, but I have flown with many other heroes that are spun from the same honorable fiber. Keep your heads up high ladies and gentlemen. You are the best trained most professional in the world. I look forward to working with you soon.

Ted Vanasupa
Captain, UAL, SFOFO

Dear United and American Colleagues.

Please know that the thoughts of your fellow f/a's as far away as Australia are with you.

In God we Trust.

Patrick McCluskey
Cabin Manager/Purser
Ansett Australia

As an LAX based United 1k for the last 10 years, please know that I think of each of you as family, and everything you are feeling I feel also in sympathy. The horror of the past week is something everyone will experience differently, and speaking only for myself, I am angry and overwhelmingly sad. I have spent half this week vacillating between tears and and wanting to break something.

There will be a thousand challenges in the coming weeks, as we cope with new systems and new fears. What will not change is what we have always known, but sometimes forget... we are responsible for taking care of each other, and by sharing our burdens, ease them.

I will be back in the air in a couple of weeks, and I will not change my travel. If you are having a hard day, or are feeling the pain and sorrow of this week, look over in the seats in front of you, and realize that me and thousands like me will never forget the sacrifices your brothers and sisters have made on my behalf.

1K United Airlines Customer

To express the sorrow and pain that has so sadly touched our lives is impossible. Our thoughts and prayers for all those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001 have been constant. My daughter is a F/A and during the past week her tears were released skyward to God. The fear that gripped her, the insecurity she felt has been overwhelming. Today September 15, 2001 she put on her uniform, her wings with ribbons, her AFA pin, a American flag on her bag, stood tall and said, "I am scared to death but I am going back to work!" To all the girls who must continue through the fear and the pain. I am so very proud of you and understand the strength it takes for you to continue to fly. You may be unsung heroes, but you are heroes non the less. God bless all of you.

A mom

Every time I remember this tragedy my breath stops short and I feel my eyes tearing up again. And then I get up and remember my fallen colleagues and I hold my head up high, because I know they died doing what they were trained to do. And I'm no longer sad, but proud, to have had them working beside me.

Jacquie Fimbres, ORDSW

Words can not describe the emotional roller coaster I am feeling, not only for myself but for all of those involved. The terror is immense. The sorrow overwhelming.

I keep imagining how my flying partners felt that morning over and over in my mind. Briefing..boarding..take-off.

I just can't believe the violation I feel of my job and my country. As I return to work in the upcoming days, I can't help but worry.

God bless the families and friends of the crew members. My heart pours out to them.

Michelle Waters, ORDSW

To the brave souls who lost their lives attempting to keep these monsters from destroying our White House:

I am so proud of you for all that you did in a situation that required you to lose your life. You are an inspiration to me, as I don't know if I could have the same courage and determination that you did under such extreme circumstances. I wish your families my deepest condolences, and I wish to assure them, that they will never, ever be forgotten. Thank you again, for keeping our country, and way of life, safe.

Julie Morrissey, LASSW

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