Hotel Sign-in Process

Date: October 5, 2019
Type: AFA Article

We’ve become aware of a number of discussions regarding the Crew Member hotel sign-in process.  It is reported there are questions asking if there is specified protocol in place that addresses this process. 

The sign-in procedures at the hotel are not governed by contract language, it is widely understood that there are a number of ways Flight Attendants are signed into a layover hotel.

Chapter 3 of our Inflight Policy & Procedure manual ensures the International Purser/Purser has the responsibility to “facilitate” the hotel sign-in process.  Depending upon the specific layover location, it may be more expeditious for Flight Attendants to sign in on an individual, first come, first served basis.  In others, it may be in everyone’s best interest for the International Purser/Purser to coordinate the check-in for the entire crew.  There are no contract terms that require check-in on a seniority basis nor are there requirements for these to be on a first come, first served basis either.  Depending upon the available facilities at a particular hotel, the number of customers at the desk at check-in time or the availability of rooms for early morning arrivals, strong intervention from the International Purser/Purser may be required to ensure everyone receives a hotel room consistent with the requirements of the Contract.  Ultimately, as a crew, we are representatives of United Airlines and a positive, professional image is expected of all of us in all of our interactions with the vendors with whom United Airlines has an established relationship.  

In the instance where unresolved misunderstandings may occur amongst each other, any discussions should take place outside of the view of hotel customers & hotel staff.  If you are unable to resolve a misunderstanding, we recommend that any unresolved issues be directed with the assistance of our peer AFA EAP/Professional Standards representatives.  As with all things, we recommend that you not involve management as your first course of action.  When this occurs, issues are rarely resolved as we might expect.  Any additional concerns can be directed to your Local Council Representatives.

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